3 Things to Check As Temperatures Drop



While things may be a bit warmer this year than in other years, it’s becoming pretty clear that winter is coming. Freezing cold temperatures are just around the corner, which means homeowners can make some adjustments now to make sure their ovens are in top shape.

This blog post will focus on three specific things you can do to improve the quality, efficiency, and longevity of your heating system. And yes, it might be one of those things Heater Repair in Parma, Ohio, Since a malfunctioning heating system will only make things worse if it is not fixed by a professional.

But don’t worry, there are other things we recommend homeowners do to prepare for the coldest temperatures of the year. And hopefully, by the time the holiday season rolls around, you’ll be cozy and warm without the worry of distracting yourself from the important things in life.

Change the air filter

An air filter is an integral part of your heating system. It is there to protect the system’s sensitive internal components from dust, dirt, pet dander, and debris. But the air filter doesn’t do much if it’s not replaced every 1-3 months with a clean filter.

This is actually something we recommend homeowners do themselves. The air filter is located in the return air duct of your HVAC system, which is easily accessible. Simply turn off the system, remove the old air filter, and take the steps to replace it.

If the air filter is disposable, simply purchase a new filter of the same size and place it back into the back-facing air duct the same way the old filter was. If it is a reusable air filter, clean it with a damp paper towel to remove all contaminants and reposition it the same way. And voila! You’re all set and ready to go.

Keep your system clean and check the thermostat

HVAC systems heat the air in your home, which means that the dustier and dirtier the air is, the harder it has time to try to do its job. We’re not judgmental of anyone’s home, but we do want to mention that keeping a couple of feet clean around your furnace or heat pump will make all the difference.

For ovens, it’s a safety issue. Placing cardboard boxes or stacks of paper on top of a gas oven can be a bad idea because these materials are flammable and combustion occurs within the system. For heat pumps, the system is more likely to overheat if it is insulated with stuff stacked around it.

Call now for repairs

If your heating system had a problem in the last year, now is the best time to fix the problem. Waiting makes things worse in the HVAC world, and that goes for any repair needs that might require professional attention. Why not contact our team now before the temperatures get too cold?

Call Westland for heating, air conditioning and plumbing To fix your heating system quickly and affordably.

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