5 easy and interesting ways to make coconut chutney

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Coconut chutney, also known as “nariyal ki chutney”, is a popular condiment in South Indian cuisine. This delicious South India Chutney is usually served with dishes like dosa, idli, vada, and more. but that is not all. This chutney also goes well with a variety of other foods, including appam, bunda, grilled chicken, fish, paniyaram, pongal, and even paratha. This exotic sauce is said to enhance the flavor of food. Besides the taste, coconut is also rich in fiber, which is good for the digestive system. Eating coconut sauce improves bowel movement. Made from coconut mixed with spices and a few other ingredients, this sauce makes a perfect accompaniment to your main dish. The best part is that we offer not just one or two, but five recipes for making coconut chutney. Joy? Let’s start with the recipes. Read below.

Here are 5 easy and interesting ways to make coconut chutney

1. The classic coconut sauce

Let’s start with the most classic recipe for making coconut chutney. To make this, all you need is coconut, green chilies, ginger, salt, and tamarind pulp. This is it! Besides, it is very easy and fast. For the full recipe, click here.

2. Mango and Coconut Chutney

Next up, we have a delicious and decadent coconut chutney recipe. This dish is flavored with raw mango. It goes well with rice, paratha and even pakodas. Find the recipe here.

mango sauce

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3. Nilakadalai Chutney

Nilakadalai Chutney is a delicious blend of flavors of peanuts, coconut and curry leaves. To improve the flavor and taste of your usual food, this sauce can be the perfect companion. click here.

4. Coconut-ginger chutney

Last but not least, we have a delicious coconut chutney with tamarind and the pungent flavors of ginger and green chilies. Click here for the full recipe.

5. Tomato and coconut sauce

Finally, we offer you a sauce recipe that people of all ages love. This chutney is made with onions, tomatoes, shredded coconut (freshly grated, if possible), whole red peppers, red chili powder, salt, and lime juice for added flavor. For the detailed recipe, click here.

tomato sauce

So what are you waiting for? Surprise your family with an entire meal that includes these coconut sauces, then let us know how they react in the comments section.

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