5 Lesser Known Indian Dishes Every Food Lover Should Try



India is a vast mixture of different cultures, traditions and, of course, cuisine. While popular south indian and North India The cuisines are well known to us, and there are some other cuisines of which the treasures of small regions of India are not so well known. You may have never heard of these foods. But believe us when we say that these delicacies deserve a place in the hearts of all foodies. There are many lesser known cuisines like Kumaoni cuisine and Malvani cuisine that you must try at least once in your life. So, if you are someone who enjoys trying new foods all the time, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of some of the lesser known ones Indian cuisine You won’t want to miss it! It’s time to branch out from the same old cuisine and learn about these lesser-known foods that are part of the vast Indian cuisine. Let’s get started.

Here are some lesser-known Indian cuisines that you must try:

1. The Commune Kitchen

Kumaoni cuisine, which has its origins in the hills of Uttarakhand, is simple and nutritious, incorporating uncomplicated and earthy flavors that complement the Himalayan environment. Most of the ingredients used in these recipes are locally produced and readily available. Bhatt ki Churdkani is a Kumaoni dish (Bhatt is locally grown black soybeans). Boneless Kachhmauli (whole goat) grilled over a fire, sprinkled with chilies and turmeric, and cooked in mustard oil is a must-try for meat lovers.

2. Malvani’s Kitchen

The kitchen features many delicious delicacies that are hard to find anywhere else. Malvani cuisine is a mixture of Goan and Maharashtrian cuisine with distinct cooking technique. It is notable for the heavy use of coconut in its various forms (grated, dried, or milk) as well as peppers, spices, and herbs. Despite having a good variety of vegetarian dishes, Malvani cuisine is famous for non-vegetarian dishes like Kombdi Vade, Jhinga Fry and Paplet Saar (Malvani fish curry with pomfret).

3. Kathiawadi Kitchen

Kathiawadi cuisine is from Kathiawar in Saurashtra and other parts of South Gujarat. There aren’t a lot of leafy greens growing there due to the harsh weather. This cuisine features plenty of potato, brinjal, tomato, bhaji, jaggery and other ingredients, reflecting these factors. The recipes included in this kitchen are easy to prepare and also very filling. Green pepper, ghee and oil are used in large quantities to combat cold. As a result, the food is spicy and greasy. If you are someone who loves greasy and spicy foods, then this kitchen will suit you perfectly.

4. Mabella’s Kitchen

This cuisine, which is named after the Mappila community in Kerala, is influenced by Dutch, British, Portuguese and Arabic cooking styles! Isn’t it surprising? The main flavors in this cuisine are red pepper, cardamom, and cloves. Coconut, ginger, and curry leaves are additional flavors that are used frequently. As souring agents, tamarind and, in some cases, green mangoes are frequently used. If you love Mughlai food, then you must try Tellichiri Biryani, which is cooked in the traditional dum style.

5. Malinado Kitchen

Malnad is a district in the Sahyadri mountain range that covers the eastern and western slopes of the Western Ghats. The name literally translates to “remembrance” (rain) and “naadu” (area) in the local language. This cuisine is known for its culinary skills and regional cuisine which makes extensive use of fresh local produce. In fact, this cuisine is famous for incorporating unusual ingredients into its food. Examples include bamboo shoots, ajwain (Indian borage) leaves, raw jack fruit, colocasia leaves, and brahmi leaves.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to venture out of the ordinary and try new foods. Try them out and tell us which kitchen was your favorite in the comments section.

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