5 ways you can make dahi kebab for weekend evening snacks

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Serve a plate of kebabs to your guests and they will be more than happy. Kebabs – whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, are the perfect meal to start a party or an evening snack that is tasty and satisfying. While shami kebabs, hara bhara kebabs, and more such delicacies are very popular, there is another type of kebab that has a whole separate fan base. You know kebabs as soft and juicy snacks, dahi kebabs are even better with a creamy filling inside. Stuffing the curd mixed with other ingredients and spices into a slightly crunchy crust is something everyone loves at the first bite.

If you are also a fan of dahi kebab, you can whet your cravings in not just one but five ways. We present to you 5 exciting dahi kebab recipes that you will surely love.

Here are 5 dahi kebab recipes you must try:

1. Classic Dahi Kebab:

In this simple restaurant-style kebab, curd and besan flour are mixed together and seasoned with spices before being deep-fried. The dahi kebab, crispy and tender on the inside, is the perfect appetizer to keep hunger at bay until dinner time. click here for the recipe.

2. Dahi Kabab Cheese:

This is also one of the most popular types of daah kebabs that you will find everywhere. Suspended curd is mixed with cheese, cornmeal, and cornmeal and stuffed with a mixture of onions, ginger, and spices to make this delicious kebab. click here for the recipe.

3- Paneer Dahi Kebab:

This kebab is similar to a cheese kebab but uses cottage cheese and adds the crunch of cashews and raisins for a unique texture and complementing flavours. Kebabs are very easy to make and are sure to impress everyone who tries them. click here for the recipe.

4. Oats Dahi Kebab:

Now this kebab is somewhat similar to nuts dahi kebab but it is made with oatmeal powder. Oats bring their crunchy texture and binding power to kebabs. This kebab is also a must. click here for the recipe.

5- Dahi Angir Kebab:

This nutrient rich kebab contains the goodness of suspended curd, figs (angir) and roasted chana powder. The addition of various spices including elchee powder, ginger, green chili and roasted jeera powder makes it super flavorful. click here for the recipe.

This weekend, enjoy a lighter meal with this delicious, easy-to-prepare kebab.

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