7 tips for making perfect Punjabi style beanies in winters



Winter produce brings an abundance of delicious and nutritious foods that we have been waiting for all year long. How we like to dig into sarson ka saag and snack on gajak peanuts. And wait, let’s not forget the warm beanies that are always available all winter long. Pinni or panjiri is a traditional Indian dessert that is similar to laddo but is not a typical dessert as it also offers many health benefits. Pinni is mainly made in Indian homes, particularly in the northern regions, to boost immunity to face the harsh winter weather. As the temperatures drop, we’re facing the brunt of the changing weather, and it’s the perfect time to make a Pinni for the cold days ahead.

You must have seen your mother and grandmother make out Atta bene With ease, but when I tried to do it, I realized that it is not as easy as you thought. Learning the tricks to make a perfect Punjabi style pinni will make your job a lot easier. And to help you out, we have listed some helpful tips that you should write down and memorize now.

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Pinni is a popular Indian winter dessert.

Here are 7 tips for creating a pinni for winter:

Beni is traditionally made from whole wheat flour, ghee, dry fruits, powdered sugar (or bora) and gond (edible gum). Once you gather these ingredients, follow these tips for the recipe.

1. Ghee is needed to make penne and bind them together. So feel free to put a lot of ghee in the penne mixture.

2. When frying, be sure to let it cook properly. Wait until it swells and turns golden before turning off the gas.

3. Take care to fry the dry fruits and fruits on a low heat so as not to burn and spoil the flavor of the penne.

4. While frying the wheat flour with ghee, wait patiently until the flour releases its aroma and turns completely brown. Another way to tell if it’s done is to wait for the flour to come out of the butter on the sides.

5. Always wait for the flour to cool before mixing in the sugar or ground. Otherwise, the mixture will melt and you won’t be able to bind it to make ladoos.

6. If you want to make your penne more healthy, you can replace the sugar with powdered and melted jaggery as well.

7. If you are struggling to keep the mix and dry fruits together, you can grind the dry fruits into a coarse batter before frying them.

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Now, you know all the tips and tricks to make the perfect Pinni for this winter season. But if you are still looking for a good recipe to make, Click here to get it.

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