8 Signs Your Ducted Air Conditioner Needs a Service

8 Signs Your Ducted Air Conditioner Needs a Service

Ducted cooling is an ultimate climate control system, permitting cool air to pervade through your home and keep you comfortable. You can control the temperature of individual regions (zones) in your home, from different control focuses, for example, wall-mounted units, cell phones, tablets, and PCs. Ducted air conditioners are discreet, quiet, and proficient, possibly saving you money on your electricity bill, and increasing the value of your property.

But like other electrical devices, regular maintenance is required to keep them working at their maximum potential. Wtfixair has mentioned 10 signs that indicate that you need ducted air conditioning service in Melbourne.

Many issues are normal to a wide range of air conditioners, ducted, split, or window. However, because of their complexity and size, ducted air conditioners can show different issues that are not seen in other heating or cooling systems. These include:

 Ducted Air Conditioner Needs a Service
  1. Damaged Duct-work

Ducting is the key to a ducted air conditioner. Ducts are made up of various materials relying upon the system, and in domestic units, they are normally manufactured using elastic or bendable plastic.

Over time the joints can become loose or punctures or tears also develop in the pipes. These issues can lower the efficiency of your device by allowing the air to escape. 

Damaged duct-work can decrease the life efficiency of the device as small separations and cracks can lead to condensation outside of the duct-work, leading to corrosion. 

If the ducts fall in unconditioned areas like an unfinished plumbing space, or on the rooftop, damaged warmed or cooled air is constrained out of unsealed joints, which then evaporates. Unconditioned air can likewise be brought into the return ducts through the unsealed joints, which can intensify existing medical problems. Any damage to the duct work, if left for long can lead to expensive and unnecessary expenditure on repair and replacement in worst-case scenarios. 

  • Blocked Ducts 

Vermin, dust, grime, possums, and rodents can block the duct. Ducts are the best pathways for them to wander around in and breed, and over time this leads to extensive damage to the duct.  Damaged duct work leads to ineffective air circulation inside the home and results in increased energy bills, as the air escapes into the wall space and roof voids. The feces and urine of these animals also lead to compromised air odor and air quality and hygiene. 

  • Insulation issues

There is a considerably larger distance between the compressor and the air conditioning grills in ducted air conditioning units than in the split systems. Longer distances basically mean the potential for more warmed or cooled air to be lost. If the insulation of your system is damaged, in winter the heat will get disrupted, and in summer the cold air will absorb the heat from the surrounding while being inside the duct, thus leading to the inefficiency of the system to circulate air properly, and increased power bills. 

4. Dirty Ducts 

The ducted air conditioning systems pull back the dust, dirt, and other airborne toxins from indoor air and dispose them outside the house through air vent diffusers and then redistribute the clean air.  If gaps are present in the return air ducts then with time, the system starts sucking toxic and harmful elements like pollen, dander dairy, and other allergens, thus making the duct extremely dirty. This can make the air of your home dirty and unhealthy, leading to health issues. 

5. Stuck or jammed zoning gates.

Zoned ducted air conditioners have gates that assist to control the individual’s room’s airflow in your house. Any malfunctioning in the gates may lead to hampered airflow in your space followed by cooling or heating of the spaces of your house that you do not want to control. Regular servicing of ducted air conditioners assists with replacing broken gates, clearing clogs and jams, and fixing actuators and wiring on time, thus preventing the issue from escalating and saving you from expensive repairs. 

6. Dirty system coils 

Evaporator and Condenser are a significant part of the outdoor elements of a ducted air conditioning unit, which trap dirt and dust over time. Although the filters take care of all the dirt and dust but require a cleanup on regular basis to avoid build-up. Dirty coils lead to reduced airflow and lower ability of the coil to absorb heat, thus leading to overheating and possible breakdown of the framework. 

7. Condensation drain issues

Condensation drain, if not cleaned on regular basis prevents the ducts to produce humidity, and will eventually overflow. This results in bad odors, blocked filters, negative pressure, and the dispersion of water throughout the outlets and the ducts further causing damage to the walls, furniture, and carpet of your house. 

8. Dirty or Clogged Filters 

Dirty or clogged filters are purity a result of the deposition of dust, debris, and grime over time. These are potential enough to hamper the efficiency of the ducted air conditioner. Additionally, these also lead to serious health illnesses among people by circulating unhealthy Air indoors that contains allergens and other disease-causing bacteria. This is specifically dangerous for people who are low on immunity, or those having respiratory disease.  Regular maintenance of ducted air conditioners requires a unique and specific approach unlike the split systems because the filters of split systems are easily accessible while the filters of ducted air conditioners are not easy to assess as they are located deep in the ductwork. WtfixAir recommends getting your filters serviced on regular basis to avoid the entrance of foul and unhealthy air indoors.