A crushing loss that will take India a long time to recover from



In 1987 Reliance Globalism England cup semi-finals swept by Graham Gooch and Mike Gatting India outside the tournament. Thirty-five years later, in shorter form, Alex Hales and Gus Butler smashed India out of the World Cup in the first round.

For a team that has had some sort of championship from start to finish and found its footing in the last two games, beating New Zealand and Sri Lanka after losing to Ireland, they are at the top of the standings. That spike was seen in the massacre at the Adelaide Oval on Thursday, and the Indian team was on the receiving end.

England captain Butler said on the eve of the semi-final that he will do everything in his power to ensure that the 2022 World Cup final between India and Pakistan does not happen. And he was finally there to make sure he walks the talk and hits the winning runs, with six straight points on the ground from the last 16th-minute ball over Mohamed Shami to lead England to a convincing 10-wicket win at the Adelaide Oval. Winning four unused full sums, not losing a single small gate and posting England’s second highest partnership of any small gate is something the Indians will take a long time to recover from.

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“It was a fantastic performance, by far our best performance of the tournament. Doing it on a day like today in such a high-pressure match is very satisfying,” Butler said after the match.

Everything boils until toss. Butler said after the match that the ground player initially told him it was fine. He emphasized that it remained a good pitch the whole time. India’s coach Rahul Dravid said the pitch was on the slower side and there was no swing for the bowlers.

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It was learned from reliable sources that the owners of the land had watered the stadium for three days and that moisture was rising on the surface, and therefore it was supposed to be graceful. Perhaps, Butler noted that bowlers would take advantage of the surface and keep the top Indian batting squad calm. As it turned out, conditions became better for hitting.

They succeeded not only in keeping India captain Rohit Sharma and the ex-captain Virat Kohli Calm but also expelled them early before they escaped. Butler gave big credit to spinner Adil Rashid, who may not have taken a share of the bag but kept the Indian batsmen in check by only giving 24 runs in his four overs and also taking the valuable Suryakumar Yadav share for 14. It was a good leg spin, he had Yadav went for the big hit and took the lead that flew to a deep point so Phil Salt could hold onto it.

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Butler also appreciated the efforts of Chris Jordan, who was playing his first World Cup match in place of the injured Mark Wood. While Butler said that at first, it would mean Jordan went a lot on the hits, losing 37 in the last three, his performance in such circumstances was above the England team management’s expectations.

On top of that, Jordan was playing his first World Cup game, and Butler was happy that Jordan did what the team told him to do on three consecutive deaths, 16, 18 and 20.

Butler said: “A special mention to Chris Jordan, for getting into a high-pressure game he hasn’t played yet in the tournament, and I’ve asked him to play three straight at death titles against such a great batsman like Hardik Pandya. That’s a great performance from Chris Jordan”.

With a goal of 169, England themselves weren’t expecting to win 10 wickets. It all started with Butler leading Bhuvneshwar Kumar through the cover of their first legal rendition of their roles. Butler produced another similar ball later and threw the last ball to the middle of the wicket for fours. Kumar’s first over yielded 13 rounds.

On the other hand, Alex Hales made the most of the curl and moved accordingly to meet the ball and send it to the fence, putting it over the ropes with ease. Even for a mid-speed Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Hals came out to cancel the length and hit it high for a long six. The immediate reaction, with no swing on display, was to ask for a helmet for wicket owner Rishabh Pant.

He lost half the match there. Hals swept and pulled Axar Patel, who threw a short and was invited to smash him for six. He did the same with Ravichandran Ashwin. For the average sex, give way and cut the back foot for four. Hals showed how one can effectively make the most of short squares at the Adelaide Oval. The credit goes to England’s bowlers, and Dravid admitted, they didn’t really allow Indian batsmen to score freely.

“They played really well. I thought they were really good up front. They hit really good lengths, they didn’t really let us get away,” said Dravid.
Throw the Indians to the power of the English. Butler said in praise of Hales, who is unbeaten on 86 of 47 balls with fours, fours and sixes. It was six strokes at its best. “He (Hals) is very difficult to bend over. It was great to be at the other end and watch him do his job. Such a wide range of shots, and the dimensions of the ground, he played it great.”

The Indian team seemed to have given up and that was evident on their field pitches as well. On the 14th day sent by MD Shami, Suryakumar from a long distance and longtime Virat Kohli were converging on skater Joss Butler and the connection wasn’t so proper that one thought the other was going to catch. By the time Yadav realized he was his, he made a desperate attempt and in the process flung the ball to the border.

Earlier, in the ninth minute, Butler hit Hardik Pandya and Shami with a thin leg and cut the ball to Bhoveneshwar Kumar, who ran from the third man. The throw was not appropriate as it was out of Kumar’s reach and in the process, the England Olympian ran four times.

Butler is not new to Indians. The English are also not unfamiliar with the Indians. There are some who have played in the IPL, Butler himself is a regular player and has made the most rounds (863) in IPL 2022 over four centuries.

Dravid was generous in his praise of Butler. He said, “He (Butler) is a very dangerous player, and we knew that. We knew the key to the game was obviously trying to take that opening partnership as soon as possible. We tried to attack a little bit with our lengths up front. We thought that was a tactic. They played really well.

“The ball probably didn’t swing here as much as it did in other parts of Australia or in other conditions. We played quite a bit in their hands, and class players like these, Butler and Hillis, I thought their partnership was great today. I think they put pressure on us, and no They leave that, and even when our spinners came on a gateway we thought we might be able to control the game, they actually counterattacked our spinners as well, putting our spinners under a lot of pressure.

“Butler is a top-tier player. Butler is a guy who – I don’t need to say that – is probably one of the most dangerous T20 players around.”
It was a day that shouldn’t have been for Indians. The English were more determined to enter the final and reclaim the title they last won 12 years ago.

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