A Lebanese citizen had to pawn his car to get his baby’s body from the hospital



A Lebanese citizen had to pawn his car to get his baby’s body from the hospital

BEIRUT (Web Desk) Holding the body of his newborn child wrapped in a blue cloth in his hands, the father Hussein al-Bareini walked back to his home in the town of Funidaq in Akkar, northern Lebanon, after he was forced to pledge his car in exchange for his child’s body. has been. Al-Bareini had to pawn her car to collect the body of her child who died inside the hospital in Akar.

According to al-Arabiya

The photo of Hasina Al-Bareini, who received the dead body of a child while working in Lebanon, spread like wildfire on social media. This picture was taken when he was carrying his child’s body on the public road from the hospital. He had no money to reach home from the hospital.

Expressing deep grief over this incident on social media, solidarity is being expressed with the victim. Critics say Lebanon’s economic crisis has reached such a point that a father is forced to pawn his car to take his child’s body from the hospital because he can’t pay the bills.

Hussain Al-Bareini, the father of the deceased, told Al-Arabiya.net that after the hospital informed me that my child had died, the accountant charged me $2,400 for the child’s treatment in the hospital. asked for I didn’t have that much money. I estimated the car outside the yard to hand over to Karan.

The baby was born in the hospital about 25 days ago and was kept in an incubator after birth. His father, who works as a watchman in a school in Akar, was forced to mortgage his nephew’s car as he did not own one. They did not have the money they needed to exhume her child’s body.

Hussain said, “I found my child’s body when I pawned the car and deposited the $400 I was carrying. I walked to the main road. I couldn’t take a taxi because my I had no money. After walking two kilometers I reached home. We completed his cremation.”

Hussain Al-Bareini is the father of three children. “I was honored at the hospital. I found my baby’s body. I just wanted to bring him back, even if I had to sell my kidney,” he added.

He added that nobody is happy in Lebanon except the corrupt and thieves. The crisis that is ravaging the country affects everyone except the thieves and the corrupt.”

He demanded the Ministry of Health and concerned persons to conduct a transparent investigation into the case of her child so that those responsible can be held accountable.

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