A man with a rainbow flag wearing a ‘Save Ukraine’ T-shirt invades the ground during a FIFA match

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A man carrying a rainbow flag and wearing a T-shirt reading “Respect for Iranian women” invaded the back of the pitch during a match in Qatar. Globalism Monday cup.

The man was on the field for about 30 seconds during the second half of the match between Portugal and Uruguay before he was confronted and escorted away by security.

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He also had the words “Save Ukraine” on the front of his shirt, a reference to the war-torn country.

“We know what happened around this World Cup… It’s normal for it to happen,” Portuguese player Ruben Neves said.

“Of course, we are all with them too. With Iran, too, with Iranian women. So I hope nothing happens to the boy, because we understand his message, and I think the whole world understands it too.”

Italian news agency AGI identified the protester as Italian Mario Ferri.

He has staged similar protests before, including at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, where he raised the issue of children living in poverty.

Gay rights and the use of the rainbow flag has been a heated issue at the World Cup in Qatar, where homosexuality is illegal.

The captains of seven European teams had planned to wear rainbow-themed anti-discrimination armbands during the tournament as part of a campaign for diversity.

However, they backed down from the threat of disciplinary action from FIFA, including yellow cards.

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Britain’s Sports Minister Stuart Andrew will wear the armband when he attends England’s game against Wales on Tuesday.

German Interior Minister Nancy Wesser wore the “OneLove” armband last week while sitting next to FIFA President Gianni Infantino after Germany’s shock 2-1 defeat by Japan.

Fans had complained earlier in the tournament that they had been asked to take off their rainbow clothing.

– White House reaction –

Speaking on the eve of a politically charged match between the United States and Iran in Qatar, White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre took a protest on the field Monday.

“We are concerned about the possible treatment of LGBT spectators and athletes,” she said.

“We urge the State of Qatar and all Qataris to fully realize the Emir’s message and this recognition really, and to welcome everyone to the World Cup, the World Cup.”

FIFA said it had no comment at this stage.

The Iranian team has been in the spotlight separately for anti-government protests at home.

The Iranian national team did not sing the national anthem before its first match against England, in an apparent show of solidarity with the protesters.

Iran has been rocked by more than two months of nationwide demonstrations since the death of 22-year-old Mohsa Amini in the custody of the morality police on September 16.

Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian of Kurdish descent, died three days after she was arrested in Tehran for an alleged violation of the dress code for women, which includes the mandatory veil.

The Norway-based Iranian Human Rights Organization says more than 410 people have been killed in the government crackdown.

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