A peon father used to work 18 hours to fulfill his daughter’s dream, now Falk Naaz will play in India’s women’s cricket team.



Falaknaz is the elder daughter of Nasir Ahmed, a resident of Katghar village in Yamuna Bank of Prayagraj, Nasir Ahmed is a peon in a private school and lives with his family in a one-room house in Yamuna Bank.

Cricketer Falak Naaz (Photo by As Muhammad Kaif)
Cricketer Falak Naaz (Photo by As Muhammad Kaif)

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Prayag Raj’s star-studded selection in the Indian Women’s Under-19 cricket team has been garnering praise and headlines across the country. Falaknaz’s father Nasir Ahmed is a peon in a school. Falknaz will be a part of the Indian women’s team in the T20 World Cup in Africa next year. Before the World Cup, Falknaz will also appear in the field in the two-match series against South Africa starting from December 27. Flick is a right-arm fast bowler as well as a middle-order batsman. The BCCI announced the Indian team for the Under-19 Women’s Cricket World Cup recently.

Falaknaz is the elder daughter of Nasir Ahmad, a resident of Katghar Mahalla, Yamuna Bank of Prayag Raj. Nasir Ahmad is a peon in a private school and lives with his family in a one-room house on the banks of the Yamuna. 18-year-old Flick is a 12th student at Katju Inter College. Falak was fond of cricket since his childhood. As a child, she used to watch children playing cricket in the street of her home, and from then on, she became obsessed with playing cricket for India. The family supported him to fulfill his passion, but the financial condition of the family created many obstacles.

A peon father used to work 18 hours to fulfill his daughter's dream, now Falk Naaz will play in India's women's cricket team.

Initially Falak learned to play cricket at his school’s cricket academy. But to learn the nuances of cricket, he needed a good coach and a cricket academy. Flick could not get a place in an academy due to the financial condition of the family. After several attempts, Falak was given an opportunity by a cricket academy. Ajay Yadav, the coach of Prayagraj’s Sports Talent Academy, saw Flick’s dedication and hard work and decided to train him free of charge. Coach Ajay Yadav taught Falak the ABCD of cricket. Falak started playing cricket at the age of 11, and now he is ready to make a name for himself and his country.

During training, coach Ajay Yadav taught Falk fast bowling as well as batting so that he could become an all-rounder. Flick sweated it out on the field and started playing cricket at the school level. In the beginning, apart from schools, he also played in local level cricket matches in which his performance was outstanding.

Flick’s impressive performance caught the eye of the UP Cricket Association and he was inducted into the UP Under-16 cricket team in 2015. Flick honed his skills while in UP’s under-16 team. He then excelled by playing in the NCA Camp Challenger Trophy. Flick has also been a part of India’s ‘C’ team for the U-19 Women’s Challenger Championship. Given her dedication and potential, she has now been selected in the Indian Under-19 women’s cricket team.

Flick was recently in excellent form in the five-match T20I series against New Zealand in Mumbai. Due to her performance, she was selected in the women’s under-19 team. The inside flick is capable of hitting the ball at a speed of 115-110 kmph. Nisar Ahmed of Prayag Raj says that Falak has traveled from the parade ground of Prayag Raj to the Indian cricket team through his hard work.

When Falk Naaz is playing for the Indian team today, her father’s tireless efforts are also behind her. The economic condition of the family was not good. Nevertheless, he started working as an electrician in the spare time after working as a peon to fulfill his daughter’s dream. Nasir used to earn by working hard and with the same money he used to buy cricket related items for his daughter so that her dream could come true. Flick also did not let his father’s hard work go to waste. Apart from Falak, he also has a sister Khadija and a brother Tahir in the family.

All-rounder player Falk Naaz wants to be like Mithali Raj, the captain of the women’s cricket team. Falak credits her parents and coach Ajay Yadav for her success. She says that she is very happy to be selected in the Indian women’s under-19 cricket team. Now he has to win the world cup for the country and make the country famous. According to Flick, in the beginning, he was taunted by people because it was considered bad for a girl to play cricket in a Muslim family, but he did not pay attention to anyone’s words and focused on cricket.

Flick’s family always wanted him to play for the Indian team, and today they got their wish. Father Nasir Ahmed says that his economic condition was not good, but he worked overtime to fulfill his daughter’s dream and the fruits of hard work have come today when the daughter is going to play for the country. Falak’s mother Zeenat is also very happy with her daughter’s success. Zeenat says that she had to listen to the taunts of the people in the neighborhood many times, but being indifferent to all of them, she always supported her daughter, seeing her dedication. Zeenat said that Falak has proved that girls can do anything if given a chance and encouraged.

On Falaknaz’s selection for the T20 Women’s World Cup, Director of Allahabad Cricket Association Tahir Hassan says that Falak has reached this position today due to her hard work. He has raised the respect of Prayag Raj as well as all of us. It is hoped that she will perform brilliantly in the World Cup and bring the World Cup to India.

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