Air conditioner Fault, Causes and solution


Unit Does not start


  1. Power failure
  2. Power Switch is Off
  3. Fuse of Power Switch may have burned
  4. Batteries of remote controller exhausted or other problem of
  5. controller


  1. wait for the comeback of power
  2. Switch on the power
  3. Replace
  4. Replace the batteriess or check the controller

Air flowing normally but completely can’t cooling


  1. Temperature is not set correctly
  2. Be in 3 minutes protection of compressor


  1. Set the Temperature properly
  2. wait

Units start or stop frequently


  1. Refrigerant is to little or too much
  2. Air or no concretingc gas in the refrigerating circuit
  3. Compressor is malfunction
  4. Voltage is too high or too low
  5. System Circuit is Blocked


  1. Check leakage, and rightly recharge refrigerant
  2. Vacuum and recharge refrigerant
  3. Maintenance or change compressor
  4. Install manostal
  5. Find reasons and solution

Low Cooling Effect


  1. Outdoor unit and indoor unit heat exchanger is dirty
  2. The air filter is dirty
  3. Inlet/Outlet of indoor/outdoor units is blocked
  4. Doors and Windows are open
  5. Sunlight directly shine
  6. Too much heat resource
  7. Outdoor temp. is too high
  8. Leakage of refrigerant or lack of refrigerant


  1. Clean the heat exchanger
  2. Clean the air filter
  3. Eliminate all dirties and make air smoth
  4. Close doors and windows
  5. Make curtains in order to shelter from sunshine
  6. Reduce heat source
  7. AC cooling capacity reduce (normal)
  8. Check leakage and rightly recharge refrigerant

Low heating effect


  1. Outdoor temerature is lower than 7C
  2. Doors and windows not completely closed
  3. leakage of refrigerant or lack of refrigerant


  1. Use heating device
  2. Close doors and windows
  3. Check leakage and rightly recharge refrigerant

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