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Indian cuisine has become popular all over the world. We often see our favorite celebrities trying different dishes not only in restaurants, but also in the comfort of their own homes! From Mindy Kaling to Padma Lakshmi, we’ve caught some of our favorite Hollywood divas cooking delicious Indian food in their kitchens. And now, even foreign food bloggers are not far behind. Recently, a popular American blogger named My Nguyen created a delicious chicken tikka masala recipe in her kitchen. It was a huge hit with her followers as well as foodies from India too. Take a look at the video I shared:

The video was shared on the official address of the American blogger, known as @myhealthydish. In the caption, she revealed why she prefers a work Chicken tikka masala Instead of the more popular butter chicken. “Keep my chicken tikka masala recipe! I actually prefer this over Butter Chicken as it’s a bit healthier even though the ingredients are very similar,” she wrote.

In the clip, the American blogger showed how she made delicious chicken tikka masala with a few simple substitutions. I used canned tomatoes in the broth instead of freshly brought in. Moreover, I advised that Fenugreek It can be difficult to source so it can also be skipped in a recipe. Instead of adding lots of cream and butter, Nguyen simply used some soaked cashews to get the same creamy texture. Thus, the dish is much healthier than the butter chicken recipe, which uses a lot of cream and butter.

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A popular dish, chicken tikka masala can be paired with roti, rice or naan. Image: iStock

The video of the American blogger making chicken tikka masala went viral on Instagram Reels. It has already racked up over 5.5 million views and 200k likes. A number of users have praised Nguyen for trying to deliver an amazing show Recipe From Indian cuisine. “Damn. That looks cool,” one user wrote, while another said, “Were you in my search history today? Wanna make a nan now!” Some Indian users living abroad also suggested, “There are plenty of fenugreek available in Indian grocery stores, and it is also known as ‘Kasuri Methi.’”

What do you think of an American blogger making chicken tikka masala? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, this isn’t the only chicken broth dish you can make. There are so many delicious chicken recipes that you will be surprised. Here is a list of the best chicken recipes From Indian cuisine. Click here for recipes.

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