An Argentine tripartite course to Qatar to plant 10.5 thousand trees

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Three passionate soccer fans cycled all the way from Cape Town, South Africa, to Doha, Qatar to cheer for Argentina in the Globalism Qatar Cup, which starts on November 20.

The Argentine trio of Lucas Ledezma, Leandro Blanco Beghi and Silvio Gatti crossed into Qatar via the Abu Samra land border crossing with Saudi Arabia on Sunday night (November 6) and will visit the World Cup countdown clock on Monday.

Argentine fans, who began their cycling journey on May 15, covering 10,500 kilometers in a grueling endurance test journey, were delighted to arrive in the World Cup host country 13 days before the football event.

We arrived in Qatar on Sunday evening and arrived in Doha, the capital, on Monday morning. said Ledezma, a 34-year-old physical education teacher who has competed in two World Cups in Brazil (2014) and Russia (2018).

Ledezma also traveled on two wheels supporting Argentina at the 2018 Rio Olympics and the 2015 Copa América in Chile and has so far visited 57 countries before embarking on this journey.

“We are looking forward to having fun in Qatar during the World Cup and hopefully Argentina will win the World Cup. We are also looking forward to meeting some of the Argentine fans based in Qatar and also those who have already arrived in Qatar,” said 31-year-old Peggy, a documentary filmmaker, writer and agent. Travels, and he actually has two books against his name.

The next agenda for the trio, who come from diverse fields, but fuse together because of their love for football, is to meet the Argentine national team in Qatar.

“We want to get to Messi. We are Lucas, Silvio and Lia and give everything to Skaloneta. We travel by bike to Qatar, cross Africa and the Middle East. We started in South Africa and have now crossed 10 countries. The trio wrote on their Instagram page TODO A PEDAL when they arrived in Saudi Arabia, Today we are in Saudi Arabia, to trample the last 2,000 kilometers to see Messi play football.

Moreover, they said they wanted to see Skaloneta win a third title in Qatar on December 18, the country that took the two titles in 1978 and 1986 and the three finishes occurred in 1930, 1990 and 2014.

“The Odyssey has three goals: to go to Qatar and look for the World Cup next to Skaloneta, to record a documentary about the trip, to plant a tree for every kilometer traveled,” said Ledezma, Peggy and Gatti, who cycled. to run 80 miles each day and sleep in tents or in the homes of people they meet along the way.

Based out of the province of Córdoba, located about 600km northwest of the country’s capital, Buenos Aires, the group’s journey aims to help the environment resulting in the planting of 10,500 new trees in their homeland.

Besides watching the matches, every kilometer traveled will be marked by a tree planting in the mountains of Córdoba.

“Córdoba’s original forest has been suffering from deforestation for decades, and currently only 3 percent of the total forest is left. That’s why we want to raise awareness. During this bike trip through Africa and the Middle East, one of our main goals is to collaborate with the beautiful province of Córdoba We want to transform every mile by planting a tree, they wrote on their Instagram page.

Argentina is scheduled to play its first match on November 22 against Saudi Arabia at Lusail Stadium.

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