‘Ancient Apocalypse’ Netflix Series, Fact or Conspiracy Theory?



A ‘show’ on Netflix has gained immense popularity, claiming that after the destruction of an ancient world civilization, the survivors imparted their knowledge and wisdom to the wild people of the world.

'Ancient Apocalypse' Netflix Series, Fact or Conspiracy Theory?
‘Ancient Apocalypse’ Netflix Series, Fact or Conspiracy Theory?


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According to the theory presented in this show, 12,000 years ago, when the planet was going through an ice age, there was a nation on the earth that must have been quite advanced in its way of life. People of this nation were experts in astronomy, science, arts and architecture. Meanwhile, a great calamity befell them. It so happened that a large meteorite came out of space and hit the earth, resulting in devastating floods. When the glaciers melted, the sea level rose and its waters washed away all traces of the presence of this advanced global civilization on Earth. Only a few lucky people of this human race were spared from this disaster. The story goes that these survivors spread throughout the world and ended up among the people who roamed the forest foraging for food. They passed on their lifestyle strategies and wisdom to the wild people, which resulted in these learned people building great temples and observatories in different parts of the world, with the help of which they could peer into the star system and the future. used to warn generations of a disaster from space.

The show, titled “Ancient Apocalypse,” remains one of Netflix’s most popular and most-watched programs, but archaeologists have dismissed it as a conspiracy theory.

In late November, the Society for American Archeology (SAA) sent an open letter to the management of Netflix demanding that the title of the program be ‘science fiction’ instead of ‘documentary’. . The letter also demands that Netflix use the term ‘unfounded’ to clarify the nature of the show. A spokesperson for the Society of American Archaeologists told DW that Netflix did not respond to the letter.

Flint Dibble is an archaeologist associated with Cardiff University in the UK. Speaking to DW, he said he was “disgusted, shocked and disappointed” by the show, writing a long rant on Twitter to debunk the lies told on the show. They were forced to. They say that the programme’s producer, Graham Hancock, ‘himself a journalist and highly educated in sociology’, has targeted leading archaeologists by referencing the conspiracy theory. Worse than that, the program tried to give the impression that experts were trying to hide the facts from the public by not supporting this theory.

Dibble and many other experts say that this theory is based on a lie from head to toe. There are no facts to hide. Dibble says there are hundreds, if not thousands, of human settlement sites dating back to the period Hancock is referring to. For what Hancock terms the ‘Ancient Human Catastrophe’, no remains of human habitation provide evidence of the event’s connection to the modern world period, as he claims.

Archaeologist Dibel’s research expertise is in the Iron and Copper Ages and he has been involved in many archaeological excavations in Greece. His displeasure over the issue was evident on his face during his recent interaction with DW. He responded to many of Hancock’s claims. He said, “The first thing is that it is not correct to say that all the evidence has disappeared under the sea, because the opposite is that a lot of archeology has been done at the bottom of the sea, and we know that very well.” aware of what is going on under the sea”.

The series also claimed that the surviving people of this civilization introduced the wild people to agriculture and introduced them to arable crops and domesticated animals. “This is also a complete lie,” says Dibble. “The question is, why do we have different kinds of plants and animals?” For example, why are the food crops and animals different from the continental United States and East Africa to the regions of Turkey in the north and Afghanistan down? However, if it was a common world civilization, there should not have been any difference between them.

He further said that Hancock’s fictitious story is nothing new. The giant concept of the existence of a global civilization before the Great Flood is related to the ancient story of a civilization called Atlantis that floated on the sea with its land for 200 years, but this theory has been repeatedly proven wrong. . He said that it is not at all that archaeologists have been ignoring it. We have scoured all these sites, and experts have examined millions of artefacts from this era.

Archaeologists have also strongly rejected Hancock’s claim that the savages of the Ice Age were so simple that they had nothing to do with architecture and science. Maintaining your mind-body connection in the ice age is impossible without complex skills and strategies, he says, and those skills depend on the terrain and climate you’re in. Living life.

This question is also important, why did the professional archaeologists jump into this one-sided debate? This is because scientists are already worried about the results of a survey conducted by ‘Chapman University’ in the US regarding the belief in invisible and imaginary things like extraterrestrials traveling to Earth and haunted houses. Which has shown that the number of those who believe in these things is increasing. The survey also found an increase in the number of people who believe that the civilization of Atlantis actually existed.

Experts believe that these kinds of beliefs may not lead people to reject proven scientific knowledge outright, but they can certainly make people skeptical about it. It is for this reason that Dubiel is concerned about this and is raising his voice against concepts such as the “Ancient Celestial Catastrophe”. He said that once you start thinking that archaeologists are wrong, then you will also say that doctors are wrong, you will think that politicians are liars, so anything you believe is credible. Will not stay. Experts fear that soon people will become more susceptible to even more false and absurd conspiracy theories, theories that are impossible to ignore.

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