Beko Refrigerator Error Codes

Beko Refrigerator Error Codes

Beko Refrigerator Error Codes

Refrigerator is useful Product for Every home And this product used in every home. Sometimes it contains an error code. We can fix some error codes at home and we need to call a technician to fix some error codes. In this post you will find all the error codes of Beko Refrigerator and I hope you will benefit a lot from this post. If you find it helpful, please share this post.

Error CodesProblem
E0Freezer sensor failure
E1Freezer defrost sensor failure
E3Fridge sensor failure
E4Defrost heater failure
E8Ice sensor failure
E9Ice machine failure

If your refrigerator does not cool adequately or if there is a sensor failure, this indicator will be activated. When this indicator is active, Freezer Compartment Temperature indicator will display “e” and Fridge Compartment Temperature Indicator will display numbers such as “1,2,3…”. These numbers on the indicator provide information about the error to the service personnel.

Error CodesSolution
2Cooling fault. Refrigerant leakage, compressor malfunction, fan failure in the refrigerator, improper sensor operation, open long door time.
3Heater fault. The heaters do not work or do not work at full capacity, the refrigerator sensor must be repaired.
4The sensor circuit is open. One of the sensors is not installed in place, a defect in the wires, a bad contact on the connectors.
5Sensor short-circuit. Malfunction of the sensor, defect of the wires connecting one of the 3 temperature sensors with the control board, poor contact in the connectors.
6The button is pressed. Faulty buttons, dirty buttons.
7Malfunction of the compressor. Compressor does not work, refrigerant leaks, blockage of the circulation system.
12Switch circuit fault. Bad contact on the switch, in the places of connecting wires to the control board or switch, high resistance of the wires.

If you use a refrigerator, you must protect and care for your refrigerator so that your refrigerator performs well in cooling.
The refrigerator should be placed in a place where there is ventilation (ventilation mean = Air Crossing).
If you want to read more about Beko refrigerators, download the PDF file from the link below. You will find a lot Information in this PDF file.

Beko Refrigerator Manual PDF

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