Bitcoin, Ether Gain, Solana, Avalanche Surge over 8%; Find out the prices



After a sharp sell-off in the past two days, the Cryptocurrency market Some buyers found near key support levels. However, traders are still very concerned about the crisis in Russia and Ukraine. The most famous in the world Cryptocurrency It was up more than 4 percent at $43,568.39, according to coinmarketcap.com Bitcoin It’s down about 6 percent in 2022 (YTD) so far. Bitcoin is down about 35 percent since peaking at nearly $69,000 in November last year as risk aversion grows as the Federal Reserve and other global central banks begin to tighten financial conditions and remove pandemic-era liquidity from the system.

On the other hand, Ether, the coin linked to the Ethereum blockchain and the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, fell 5.57% to $3,015.28. Similarly, Binance Coin stock fell nearly 2 percent to $413.

“The recent volatility could be due to a broader sell-off in the market,” said Edul Patel, CEO and co-founder, Mudrex. The hawkish fear of the Fed is the reason the market is bouncing up and down. On the other hand, tensions in Ukraine could lead to general market movements in the coming weeks.”

Hackers stole $21 million in Bitcoin and $15 million in Ethereum from retirement accounts owned by the IRA Financial Trust on February 8, according to a report by Bloomberg based on an anonymous source. FinTech startup Gemini, which operates these individual retirement accounts in unconventional assets, has been dealing with allegations of a major hack for nearly a week.

Individual retirement accounts, or individual retirement accounts, are savings vehicles with tax benefits for US workers, who can deduct their contributions from their income. For example, if you win $60,000 but contribute $5,000 to an IRA account, you are only subject to $55,000 tax; You only pay taxes once the money is withdrawn. IRAs allow investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but not cryptocurrencies. However, self-driving IRAs, such as the kind offered by IRA Financial Trust, do.

Coinbase Marketing Director Kate Roach revealed in a recent blog that more than 20 million people tried to access Coinbase within a minute during the Super Bowl night as a result of the advertisement. This is six times higher than any previous payload Coinbase has handled.

Notably, the cryptocurrency exchange chose to use its 60-second window to simply display the QR code, which slowly bounced around the black background like an old DVD player screensaver. Scanning a QR code takes you to the Coinbase website, where new users can get $15 in Bitcoin for free, while existing users can enter a $3 million sweepstakes.

Here are the top 10 cryptocurrencies and their prices on February 11, 2022 (data from coinmarketcap.com at the time this article was published)

Bitcoin $43568.39 or 4.07 percent over the past 24 hours

Ethereum $3,015.28 or 5.53% gain in the last 24 hours

Cardano is $1.07 or 4.47 percent gain in the last 24 hours

Tie a gain of $1.00 or 0.00 percent in the last 24 hours

Terra $54.96 or 4.35 percent gain in the last 24 hours

XRP $0.8214 or 4.22 percent gain in the last 24 hours

Solana $100.63 or 8.17 percent gain in the past 24 hours

Avalanche of $84.21, or 8.37 percent, gain in the past 24 hours

Binance $1.00 or 0.04 percent gain in the last 24 hours

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