BTS RM dishes on the album “Indigo,” a collaboration with Erykah Badu and Anderson .Paak



BTS RM dishes on the album
BTS RM dishes on the album “Indigo,” a collaboration with Erykah Badu and Anderson .Paak

BTS’s RM is the second member of the group to release a solo album this year. Indigo is RM’s first solo project and title track Wildflower Recently released on December 2, 2022.

RM has included extensively featured appearances on almost every track on his album. Fun fact is one of the two songs that doesn’t feature anyone Single.

In an interview with Zoom diverse, RM talked about his collaborations with American artist Erika Badu and Anderson Buck, as well as Korean artist Eugene.

He also shared how BTS members’ profiles with individual projects made the band a stronger unit.

When asked why he chose Erykah Badu and Anderson .Paak to collaborate, he left and right The singer replied.

“At some point in the process of creating a track, I suddenly feel like if some specific reverb actually appears on the track, then, ‘Oh, this track is going to be entirely ‘minor’, or it might sound more complete.” So with both Erykah and Anderson, those two were the sole consideration for each track. Especially Erika: she is a queen with her own castle.

He went on further, “And I hope there’s a definite message in the track. So I thought if that came with her voice and her story and her history, it might be more compelling — like, way more compelling — than a young 20-year-old artist saying you gotta be human.” And you must be silent before you do something.”

“And I love her ‘satirical’ voice — that when you listen to her voice, it’s like casting a spell on someone.”

The Turn on BTS Speaking about Anderson, the star revealed, “You know, everyone knows Anderson, and everyone loves his funky vibe and his aura and his energy. And in fact, he’s our friend. He helped us out on our latest single, played the drums, and live. It came out really naturally.”

When asked about the amazing elements of the album since it is built on 10 tracks in total, eight of which are collaborations with another artist from America and South Korea, the 28-year-old BTS fan predictions said,

Her 10 tracks, and I’ve basically collaborated with them on eight tracks. The second is, actually, the 10 tracks have 10 different kinds of sound. Before this album, I think I’m going to get attached to a certain concept, genre, or texture. This time, I tried to write like a diary. “.

He continued, “I think before this album, I was always focused on wanting to prove something to people. Like, ‘I just want to get you guys to listen to this. I just want to share my thoughts. Please listen to this! This time I was focused on expanding my personal ideas into something universal, that people could approach and think could be their own stories, too.”

While reflecting on the impact of the BTS members’ solo projects on the group, the Wildflower detailed singer,

“You know, when music starts, a lot of people don’t think or imagine that they might be in a serious band or group. You know, especially rappers — it’s not a band. So when I started in music, it was the same for me too, because I didn’t I absolutely think I can play music as a team.”

He continued, “But still, I’ve been doing this thing with my friends who call them BTS for a decade. So I think expanding and expanding the scope of BTS, because we’re 30 now, if there’s more maybe some individual elements, because the seven members are all adults and they’re all different.” And they have different things and pros and cons to own… I think it’s time to show the people the individuals.”

“And I think this can broaden BTS, and maybe for us too. Because when you do that as a team, you lose yourself, sometimes, so easily. So I think the solo thing is actually just a natural and healthy way to maintain character as a member of BTS as well.” he added.

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