Can My Gas Furnace Become Dangerous?


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The short answer is yes.” But we don’t want you to worry about your gas oven right away. The truth is, any appliance that burns natural gas has the potential to turn into a hazard due to flame escape, external combustion, and toxic gas leaks. The most powerful gas-powered appliance in any home, it gets the most attention as a potential hazard.

We want to reassure you that your gas furnace is not an inherent threat to your home. Modern oven manufacturers build their products to exacting specifications and include many safety features.

However, it is important to warn people about the ways in which ovens can create hazards and the best ways to avoid them. With the right oven service from professionals, you should be able to enjoy the warmth of your oven in safety for many years.

Maintenance is the most important step

Nothing better protects your home from furnace malfunction than annual fall maintenance. Although you can do some of the maintenance steps yourself, such as changing the air filter and making sure the air vents are all open, you will need trained professionals to do the complete maintenance. Our technicians provide this service, and we recommend getting it done every year before winter sets in. During the maintenance, we will check the furnace to ensure that it is working properly and no hazards appear. We will do a combustion test to see if there is any gas leakage. Adjusting and cleaning will also help your oven operate safely.

Never be late when you need repairs

Another way to avoid oven hazards is spot contact Oven Repair in Fairfax, Virginia When you notice anything wrong with how your oven works. Even if the problem does not seem to change the furnace’s heating output, issues such as noises and strange smells can indicate serious problems that will get worse and may even be dangerous. We recommend that you turn off the oven first and then call us to investigate and see what needs to be fixed.

Do not attempt to repair the oven yourself

One of the easiest ways a gas oven can become dangerous is through tampering by hobbyists. In most jurisdictions, it is illegal for anyone without proper credentials to operate on an appliance connected to a gas main. Opening and tampering with the oven may result in gas leakage and burn hazards. Please leave any repairs to our professionals to avoid making the oven situation worse and harming yourself or your family.

Replace very old ovens

A gas oven wears out over time, even with the best routine maintenance. The effects of combustion gas on metal components can cause rust and cracks in the heat exchanger, which is a major hazard with a gas furnace because it can allow carbon monoxide into the air blown out of the home. Our technicians can tell you during maintenance if your oven is very old (15-20 years old) and at greater risk than major safety hazards.

Contact B&B Air Conditioning & Heating Service if you have any questions about your furnace or want to schedule a service. we Always There when you need us.

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