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The refrigerator is not cooling Solve with Simple Tips

The refrigerator is not cooling Sometimes refrigerator do not cooling What we keep in the fridge That thing goes bad but how can we solve this problem at Home with easy Tips.  Sometimes we see ice on Evaporator In the bottom meal and the Refrigerator is not cooling we should Turn OFF Refrigerator and we

Mostly Faults Comes in Indoor Unit | Fully4world

Mostly Faults Comes in Indoor Unit We face some faults mostly in Indoor unit. we can easily solve this faults. Ice on Evaporator : if we see Ice on Evaporator then we should service AC . If AC is already serviced then check his blower motor speed if his speed is low then we show

How to Charge Gas In Liquid Or Gas Condition 2019

Gas Charge Steps There are two ways to gas Charge.  Charge in liquid condition Charge in gas condition If we keep cylinders straight and charge the gas. Gas Charge in gas condition.  If we move the cylinder upside down and charge the gas. Gas Charge in liquid condition. If you want charge Gas in Liquid

How and how the oil is charged in the rotary compressor

Oil Charging When we need to charge oil in a rotary compressor. So we should have a 250ml or 500ml blank bottle. Suniso Oil is the best oil in our Area. Now fill the blank bottle with Suniso Oil and charge with oil. Roatry Rotary Compressor oil charge only from Discharge side while Refrigerator Oil