Changhong Ruba Inverter AC Error Code


In this Post you can see Changhong Ruba Inverter AC Error Code ,

Error Code of Changhong Ruba Inverter AC

SR NO #ODU Light FlashIDU DisplayFault Details
11EFOutdoor Unit EEPROM fault
22F6Indoor and Outdoor Communication fault
33F8Main Board and Driver Board Communication fault
44E4Compressor Starting abnormal (phase failure, reverse)
55E3Compressor out-of-step-fault
66F9IPM module fault
77E0Compressor shell roof fault/protection
88F5Exhaust Temperature sensor fault
99E5Suction Temperature sensor fault
1010F4Outdoor Coil Temperature sensor fault
1111F2Outdoor ambient Temperature sensor
1212E2Outdoor DC fan motor fault
1313P2Outdoor AC current protecion
1414P0Compressor phase current protecion
1515P7Outdoor unit Over-high/Over-low AC Voltage Protection
1616P8 Outdoor unit Over-high/Over-low DC Voltage Protection
1717P9IPM over-high temperature protection
1818P1Exhaust temperature overheat protection
1919P5Cooling indoor coil anti freezing protection
2020P6 Cooling outdoor coil overheat protection shutdown
2121P4heating indoor coil overheat protection
2222PACooling outdoor ambient temperature over-low protection
2323PEHeating outdoor ambient temperature over-High protection
2425EEIndoor Unit EEPROM fault
2526F0Indoor fan motor fault
2627E1Indoor PCB zero crossing fault
2728F3Indoor coil fault and sensor fault
2829F1Indoor room temperature sensor fault
29/E8Outdoor system exception
30/P3Heating and Removing cream tips

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