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Coach Ram Mehar Singh is hopeful that the Adani Gujarat giants can make a successful start to the Hyderabad Leg of PKL Season 9

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As the players perform in Season 9 of the Pro Kabaddi League, Adani Gujarat Giants coach Ram Mehar Singh feels the New Young Players Program (NYP) forms the backbone of the league.

The seasoned and accomplished tactician ensured that the league benefits from the NYP program and that the players also contribute to the overall process.

“Season 9 has been great so far and every game has been very competitive which is good for the league and the sport of kabaddi. NYP’s are the backbone of the league. Every team has a NYP who can change the game situation on their own in a matter of minutes. That’s very good for the league,” Singh said.

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“The new youth player system, which has been put in place in recent years, where players are picked from Khelo and Nationals games, then added to the auction from which teams choose them, is effective and the results show.”

For the Gujarat Giants, the likes of Rakesh and Parteek Dhaiya have so far stood out, both of whom are NYP producers.

“There are few fresh young players like Bharat from the Bengaluru Bulls, who have done well. Rakesh and Partik are good players in the Gujarat team and every team has done a good job, it has seen the players from this program stand out.”

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“When a player from this program does a good job, it motivates others in the various teams to try and make it happen, and it all reflects on the team’s performance,” he said.

Looking at the crucial Hyderabad phase of the season, Singh said he would like his team to gain momentum right from the start, and asked the fans to support them to the fullest.

“This is an important stop for us in Hyderabad. This is where we have to work on putting us on the points table, and for that we have to start well and win the first matches to build momentum. This will be a crucial stage for us, and we want the fans to motivate and support our team. “.

In Hyderabad, Gujarat Giants will start their campaign with a match against Bengaluru Bulls on Friday, November 18th.

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