Cricket Australia amends Code of Conduct to clear David Warner’s Captaincy unblocked decks



Cricket Australia (CA) has amended its Code of Conduct which will now allow players and its staff to apply to amend their long-term penalties provided they meet certain criteria including the existence of “extraordinary circumstances” that would justify any such review.

The move would thus open the door for David Warner to be considered for a lead role in the Australian men’s cricket team. Warner has been banned for life by the CA from holding any leadership position following his role in the 2018 ball-tampering scandal.

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In a statement on Monday, the CA said such requests would be considered by the review committee but added that such requests should not be considered an appeal/review of the original sanctions.

“Under the changes, players and support staff can now apply to amend long-term penalties,” the statement read.

Any applications will be considered by a three-person review panel, made up of independent Code of Conduct commissioners, which must be satisfied that exceptional circumstances exist to justify a penalty modification.

“These circumstances and considerations will include whether the subject of the punishment has shown genuine remorse; the conduct and behavior of the person concerned since the imposition of the punishment; whether rehabilitation programs have been completed (if any) and the length of time that has elapsed since the imposition of the punishment and whether sufficient time has passed To allow repair or rehabilitation.

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The Code of Conduct states this process: “You represent that players and player support personnel are capable of genuine reform or rehabilitation and are intended to provide the player or player support personnel an opportunity to resume their former positions or responsibilities in specified circumstances.” “

The hearing of the application is not an appeal or a review of the original sentence imposed.

The 35-year-old Warner admitted he wants his driving ban overturned and would be happy to have discussions with the board.

“There is talk that I might be able to have a conversation with the Integrity Unit. If that’s possible, I’m happy to sit down with them and chew their fat a little bit and see where we are,” Warner said.

“If things turn around we have to start from there. For me I’m a leader in this team no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you have a ‘c’ or a ‘vc’ next to your name. You have to put your best foot forward and lead by example.”

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