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Crrier DC inverter Error Code list

hvac by fully4world

The error message is shown at the OUTDOOR UNIT CONTROLLER as following table:

Outdoor Temperature Sensor Failure

Ambient temperature sensorE0
Inlet coil temperature sensorE1
Suction temperature sensorE2
Mid coil temperature sensorE3
DLT Digital Compressor sensorE4

Outdoor Status Error

Communication error between indoor & outdoor unit controllers[E
High pressure statusKP
Low pressure statusLP
Over current0[
Green zone (Compressor over heat)D0
Yellow zone (Compressor over heat)D1
Red zone (Digital Compressor over heat)D2
Evacuation processF2
Pump downF1
Test modeF0
Oil belancingOB
Oil recoveryOR
HP or LP system offF3

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