Dawlance Energy Saver Refrigerator | Price and Spec

Energy Saver Plus Series
Our energy saver series offers “fully loaded freshness” however doesn’t overload you with the significant electricity bills and helps scale back electricity bills by forty fifth. If all the refrigerators getting used in Pakistan convert to metallic element refrigerators the energy saved would be ready to run thousands of faculties, light several villages and mosques within the country. along side the Dawlance metallic element series let’s create Pakistan pleased with USA.

Key Features

  • 12 Year Compressor Warranty
  • 45% Energy saving through ES Technology
  • R600A Refrigerant
  • Freezer Eutactic Plate- Keeps items Frozen for up to 15 Hours during Power Breakdowns
  • 10% Excess usage Capacity than other Refrigerators
  • Contemporary Design- Double Textured Door
9122175-6.2490 x 1231 x 525 mm4
9144225-8490 x 1385 x 555 mm4
9170WB320-11.3603 x 1411 x 595 mm6
9175WB350-12.4603 x 1511 x 595 mm6
9188WB425-15650 x 1569 x 625 mm8
91996525-18.5725 x 1699 x 625 mm8

Every Model Have Different Price Like
9175WB   41000 on draz.pk

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