Disney-Apple cut: Returning CEO Bob Iger shuts it down as ‘pure speculation’



Bog Iger returned to helm The Walt Disney Company last week on a two-year contract, hoping to return the entertainment giant to growth. The CEO hosted his first company-wide meeting with employees, addressing potential deal-making questions and a hiring freeze put in place by former CEO Bob Chbeck, following Disney’s recent lackluster quarterly earnings report. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Iger intends to support the practice, calling it “a wise move given the challenges of the sector,” as he continues to discover ways to return Disney to profitability. But the returning CEO’s biggest comment was to dismiss the idea of ​​an Apple acquisition of Disney as “pure speculation,” adding that he wouldn’t preside over any acquisitions during his tenure, either.

tangle The shooting caused many deaths Wall Street In the media circles to speculate on the idea of ​​a Disney Acquisition, “including acquisitions to service US$5.5 billion (approximately Rs. 44,950 crores) debt, or outright sale to a technology monolith like Apple.” diverse Noticing that employees are “annoyed” Eger A new assignment invites people back to the office. He told the Disney staff (trans Hollywood Reporter). “It creates energy, it’s very enabling creativity… I’m not making any statements but I think this is very important.”

Iger, who was responsible for launching Disney’s streaming service Disney + – You work as Disney + Hotstar In India – stated that the company should prioritize revenue growth over subscriber count. Instead of chasing [subscribers] Egger said during a city council meeting (via Reuters). “In order to achieve that, we have to take a very, very hard look at our cost structure across our business.” a Report Earlier this month, it reported that Disney+ added more than 12 million subscribers this quarter, a total of 235 million this year. Among that, Disney+ Hotstar accounted for just under 3 million.

The CEO also addressed Disney’s position on LGBTQ+ The implication, on the company’s response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Like Me” bill, which banned teachers from discussing such topics in schools. according to IGNDisney got caught up in the matter when it was revealed that it had donated nearly $200,000 (roughly Rs. 1.6 crores) to Florida politicians, who supported the legislation. Since the company has been operating Disney world Amusement park in the state, it was only natural that they would be involved in the political side of it. days after Cash From internal staff and the general public via social media, Chapek sent out a letter acknowledging how painful his silence had been and apologizing for the ordeal.

As for the studio’s stance on the matter now, Iger said, “One of the core values ​​of our storytelling is inclusivity and acceptance and tolerance. And we can’t lose that, we can’t lose that… How we actually change the world through good has to continue. We’re not going to make Everyone is happy all the time, and we’re not [going to] try to. We certainly will not lower our core values ​​in order to make everyone happy all the time.”

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