Drew McIntyre Pence, Baron Corbin, Rhea Ripley come face to face



WWE’s great event on Raw delivered some exciting performances and exciting action. It was a full day of entertainment, an intense day with lots of action, nerves on fire and bodies on the line. Judgment Day’s Rhea Ripley fought against Asuka or “The Empress” and it was a high stakes match where the victor’s team would get the advantage in the WarGames.

Read on to see how they fared with our other wrestlers of the night:

Brawl savages vs doomsday

Sheamus manages to land a kick, but Priest encourages himself to throw in his right hands as a rebuttal. Sheamus retaliates with a flying clothesline. Holland immediately steps into the fray to throw a kick in the face to Priest.

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With Mysterio and Sheamus finally tag along, things start to heat up. Sheamus then gets the advantage by delivering ten beats from Bodhran, after which he lands The Brouge kick as the victory finally goes to the Brawling Brutes.

Johnny Gargano vs. Omos

Omos throws his opponent into a corner right after the bell has rung. He kept hitting a big boot and Gargano had no choice but to walk out of the ring. Omos set the pace from the start and Gargano was always trying to catch up.

Miz is able to distract Omus for a while. This allows Gargano some time as he sends Omos into a corner. He takes subsequent kicks and aims to go at him but Omos simply holds him for a choke to win the draw in style.

Austin theory vs. Mustafa Ali

The theory was almost criticized from the start trying to beat Mustafa Ali when the bell rang. Ali tries his best to land some attacks of his own using the back elbow and kick but Austin has the answer for everything.

Austin Theory seemed like a tough guy from the start of the match. Ali flips off the sunset, later landing a 450 splash after getting back to the ropes. Ali searched for the pin but the theory rolled out.

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After they both get back in the ring, Austin Theory ends things with A-Town Down to claim the victory.

Matt Riddle and Elias vs. Alpha Academy

Elias and Gable face off at the start of this enticing battle. Gable and Otis continue a sustained pressure wave as they continue their moves against Riddle. Riddle is subjected to a Northern Lights suplex, a body and side suplex in quick succession.

Although Riddle had the last laugh. In the end, Elias threw his final turn and Riddle came to finish things off with his floating bro to emerge victorious

Drew McIntyre vs. Baron Corbin

Drew McIntyre has opened up to his fierce rival Baron Corbin after a long run. Corbin is a former Money in the Bank contract holder. McIntyre, the former WWE Champion was dominating the match in the early stages but distractions from John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL) meant he couldn’t handle the pressure all the time.

McIntrye was sent head on into the ring post, but he quickly delivered a bodyslam, hitting him with a multiple chop. The end of the match was utter chaos as McIntyre took advantage of the presence of Akira Tozawa, who jumped on JBL, giving him the opportunity to land on Baron Corbin with Claymore and claim his victory.

Rhea Ripley vs Asuka

Rhea Ripley does her best to piss Asuka off before the match starts knowing it’s going to be intense.

Asuka did her best but Ripley kept the pressure tight delivering waves of attack. Near the end of the tie, Ripley delivered a boot to her opponent’s midsection followed by a Super Lights suplex. Asuka bravely fought off her opponent’s pin on several occasions but Rhea Riley eventually managed to defeat her in the ring.

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