East Bengal FC pulled off a convincing win to hand Jamshedpur FC a fourth consecutive loss

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East Bengal FC put in an impressive display of attacking, counter-attacking football, led by striker Naorem Singh with three assists, as they sealed a 3-1 win over Jamshedpur FC at JRD Tata. sports Complex in Jamshedpur on Sunday. Both teams made a raft of changes – three from the visitors and four from the home team – after last week’s results, but it was the Torch Bearers who held off the disappointment of wiping out a two-goal lead to seal the points this time around. Around.

East Bengal FC took control early on with Suhair VP putting them ahead after just 90 seconds into the match. Jamshedpur FC was caught napping during a routine throw-in down his leg and allowed Naorim plenty of room to raise his head and place a cross towards the far post. Suhair headed low to put the ball into the net.

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Clayton Silva would soon get into action to put EBFC up 2-0 at halftime for the second straight game. In the 26th minute, Silva picked up the ball after a Jamshedpur FC corner kick and drove it forward before firing Naorem down the left. Naorem kept the defenders at bay while Silva made a run towards the penalty area to break a lung, receiving what could be Naorem’s second perfect charge of the night. Silva climbed up with the ball in the jump to put it in place.

Jamshedpur FC started to make strides after this wake-up call, with Jay-Emmanuel Thomas finding themselves in great positions in the first half as both teams hit 13 shots on goal. Towards the end of the first half, Jamshedpur FC were awarded a penalty after it was found that Lalchungnunga had elbowed Harry Sawyer while intercepting a kick. Thomas got his chance to get on the score sheet and took it to make it 2-1 at half time.

After being caught after a 2-0 lead in their final game, EBFC came out in the second half determined to extend their lead. Naorem was on hand again to produce magic. He picked up the ball on the left side and picked up a perfect ground pass between the central defenders and the goalkeeper as Silva cruised in for his second goal of the night. This goal in the 58th minute put Silva at the top of the scoring list for the season.

After securing another two-goal lead through attack, EBFC strengthened in defence, creating fewer scoring opportunities for Jamshedpur FC in the second half and sealing three points on the road.

The loss was the fourth in a row for Jamshedpur FC and they are now in 10th place with four points in seven matches. They are staying home to host the next Kerala Blasters on December 4. His third victory of the season pushed them into eighth place with nine points from eight matches. They are now getting a two-week break before they travel to Hyderabad on December 9.

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