England captain Joss Butler praises Indian cricketer

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He set T20 Globalism The trophy shone with his amazing style, and he is now the most feared hitter in the great event. A team that includes two of the best white ball players of their generation in Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, the third hitter to shine in a world championship is definitely a massive achievement.

This is exactly what Suryakumar Yadav did. He was one of the regulars in the tournament and who gave over and over again.

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A quick look at his numbers will give a clear idea of ​​the impact SKY has had so far. In five rounds, he scored 225 points including three half century with an average of 75.

The value of these runs increases exponentially when one looks at his hit rate – an astonishing 193.96. And SKY is a mid-ranking mixture which means most of the time he may not be comfortable enjoying the rotation limitations of Powerplay.

Which is precisely why England captain Joss Butler has Suryakumar on his radar as he refines his strategy for the semi-final match against . India To be played on Thursday.

“He (Suryakumar) was great to watch, wasn’t he. I think he’s someone who’s probably been the champion hit so far in terms of how you want to watch someone follow it,” Butler said on Wednesday.

“But as with any batsman in the world, it takes one chance to create a small gate. We urgently need to find a way to do that.”

Butler believes that playing with a free mindset is his biggest strength in Suryakumar. “It seems that his biggest strength is the amount of freedom he plays with. He obviously got all the shots but he allows himself to play all the shots too. He has a very free mindset from what I can see,” he said.

Having said that, the Englishman is not going to base his strategy around just one player against a striking squad that includes some of the biggest names in cricket.

“It would be a default to just think about it. I think they have some other excellent players as well,” Butler said.

Butler will also be hoping to land big roles under his belt with Bovneshwar Kumar being the proverbial thorn in the flesh. The Indian has taken down Butler five times in the T20Is while only receiving 30 delivers 32 against him.

“I am definitely not afraid of anyone. I always prepare well, and I look forward to playing the ball in front of me and not the bowler.”

The Adelaide Oval will host the second semi-final match, and since it has shorter limits compared to other Australian stadiums, it will surely warrant a change of tactics.

“Yeah, obviously tactically it could be a little bit different. The dimensions and the surface we play on obviously have a huge impact on the way you hit those surfaces, so we did some good things. We have players who have played in Adelaide,” Butler said. Before, we go into the game with some good ideas, and we react well when we have to.”

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