England show Pakistan out of World Test Championship, all eyes on 3 strong contenders including India



India has 55.77% points and is second in the World Test Championship points table, India recently beat Bangladesh and have to play their second match against the same team.

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The three-Test series between Pakistan and England ended on December 20. In this Test series, England has given Pakistan a shock by defeating Pakistan 3-0 at home. Pakistan is now almost out of the World Test Championship due to the complete wipeout in the series. On the other hand, according to the points table for the World Test Championship, which is currently being displayed, Australia seems certain to play the final. India and South Africa could see stiff competition for the other finalists.

In fact, six teams are in the race for the final of the Test Championship, but four of them have a tough road ahead of them. In fact, apart from winning their remaining matches, they will also have to depend on the results of matches between other teams. Let us take a look at the matches of some important teams and their points here.


In the points table of the World Test Championship, the Australian team is at the first position with 76.92% points and this team is almost certain to play the final. The Kangaroo team, who recorded a stunning victory against South Africa in the first Test, have two more matches to play in this series. The Australian team will try to win both these matches to ease its way. After that, Australia has to play a 4-Test series in India. However, Australia can secure their place in the final even before this series.


India has 55.77% points and is second in the points table of the World Test Championship. India recently beat Bangladesh and have to play the second match against the same team. Even after this, the Indian team has to play four Test matches against Australia. All these five matches are important for the Indian team and if they win even four of them, they will be sure to reach the finals.

South Africa:

South Africa currently has 54.55% of the points. This team is on the third position in the points table and is the third biggest contender to play the final. South Africa have to play two Test matches against Australia. Recently the African team lost the first match of the series here and now winning the remaining two matches will be a big challenge for South Africa. After that, the team will play two Tests at home against the West Indies. Both these matches can easily be won by South Africa, but a loss against Australia will make it difficult for South Africa to reach the finals.

Apart from the above mentioned three teams, there are some teams that are definitely in the race for the finals, but the roads for it are very difficult. One of these teams is Sri Lanka which has 53.33% points and is at the fourth position in the table. This team can win all their next matches and get 61.11% points and make it to the finals. But it will not be easy for Sri Lanka. This is because they have only two Test matches and both against a strong team like New Zealand on their home soil.

Pakistan is worse off than Sri Lanka as they are seventh in the points table and if they win their remaining two matches (against New Zealand) they will have a maximum of 47.62 points and thus qualify for the finals. Its place will not be solidified. He will have to keep an eye on some other teams. Pakistan would like Australia to win all their matches and West Indies to win one match and draw with South Africa. Also, New Zealand beat Sri Lanka in both matches, and then the Indian team lost their second Test to Bangladesh. That means Pakistan will have to pray for many reversals.

Surprisingly, the team of New Zealand, who won the last World Test Championship, is at the eighth position in the points table this time. New Zealand currently has 25.93% points and is already out of the race for the finals. Even if New Zealand wins the two matches played against Pakistan and Sri Lanka, they will still have 48.72 points and will be out of the finals. The condition of West Indies is also similar. He is sixth in the points table with 40.91 percent points earned so far. The team will have a maximum of 50% points if they win their remaining matches. However, it will be very difficult for West Indies because West Indies have to play this series in South Africa. Defeating the African team at home will not be easy for the West Indies. Even if West Indies win, it is not guaranteed to play the final.

England are also out of the race for the Test Championship. He is currently fifth in the points table with 46.97 percent points. England’s matches are all over so they won’t be able to improve their position any further. Bangladesh is at the bottom with just 12.12 percentage points. The team has just one test match left which is against India. Even after winning the last match, Bangladesh will remain at the bottom, but with this win, they can make it difficult for India to reach the final.

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