Eoin Morgan advises England to choose David Willey over Chris Jordan if Mark Wood is not available



Owen Morgan, the former England captain who led the team to ODI 2019 Globalism World Cup, he said he would choose David Wylie over Chris Jordan to play in the men’s T20 World Cup final if Mark Wood was not available for the title match due to overall body stiffness.

Replaced injured Jordan Wood in England win by 10 wickets India in the second semi-finals at the Adelaide Oval on Thursday. He snatched 3/43 figures in his four-pack and was highly praised by bowling Captain Joss Butler in three of his last five overs.

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But Morgan sees the dimensions in Melbourne cricket Ground, where the straight border is shorter and the square border is longer than Adelaide Oval, may not suit Jordan and the left-arm Willie can come to the side to pick a wicket early.

“If you look at the circumstances in the MCG, they fit him perfectly, whereas they probably work against someone like Jordan in death with his teammates. The MCG is very short and straight and there is very little margin for error, so if Wood doesn’t fit, you might see someone like David Willey come in. .

“Willie can swing the ball and then you can hit him and Chris Wox on death, bowl the wicket, forcing Pakistan to square it and create opportunities for shooting. The ground dimensions should work in your favor in the big games as if you were You make basic mistakes and you hit the short side, you face it.” Sports Cricket Podcast.

With rain emerging as a major threat to the England-Pakistan final running smoothly on Sunday as well as Monday, the day of the reserve, both teams should be prepared for the super match. Morgan chose left-footed Sam Curran to lead the Superover for England if such a situation emerged in the final.

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“If you were to say the flat wicket, everything was placed fairly in the MCG, from afar it would be Curran. He was plunging the wicket, wide so you couldn’t get it straight. You could set a field far and have them hit in the long side.”

Morgan felt that England would need to see the Pakistani player they bring for the Superover to decide which batting pair should be a left-to-right combination. “I would like to see who is going to pose for Pakistan. If it is clear, I will send whoever is most likely to confront him. I prefer to be honest, left and right hand.”

“If it’s spinning, definitely Moin Ali. (Sam) Curran and Moe (Moin Ali) may be with Butler in third – but Stokes is also good in the Superovers! And given the two riders they play in – either Shadab (Khan, Spinner’s leg) ) or (Muhammad) Nawaz (left arm spindle) – it might even be Curran Mo’s script, not even Butler; Butler at No. 3.”

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