‘Everything has a limit’ – Former Indian cricketer wants Sanju Samson in Rishabh Pant’s place

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Fans and analysts alike may be getting impatient with Rishabh Pant. The India The wicket-keeper, who was the key player in the run-up to the 2022 Asian Cup, watched his stock falter as he heated up the bench throughout a tournament as big as the T20. Globalism Glass. He was then given a chance in the final league match against Zimbabwe and in the grand semi-final against England where his performance was disappointing to say the least.

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Now, former Indian cricketer Retinder Singh Sodhi is out against the 25-year-old. In a strongly worded statement, he asked for his immediate ouster, saying that there is an end to everything. Pant has been one of India’s rising stars and the management is looking to groom him as an all-weather wicket-keeper for India.

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Talking to India News Ahead of the opening match of India’s One Day International (ODI) series against New Zealand, Sodhi backed up Sanju Samson to replace Pant in India’s white ball squad. “It has become the responsibility of India’s team. If that’s the case, then bring Sanju Samson. At the end of the day, you should take this opportunity because you can’t afford to lose and be out in World Cup tournaments or FIFA World Cup tournaments. When you give too many chances, problems arise. It is time to give new youth opportunities.”

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“Only time will tell how many opportunities and how long he gets. Time is ticking and he really has to pull his boots. Everything has limits. You can’t count on one player for long. If he’s not performing, you have to show him the exit door.” Pant has played 27 ODIs and 66 T20Is for India while powerful batsman Samson has played in just 26 white-ball ODIs for the former world champions.

While Pant was promoted to the top of the three-match T20I series, the likes of Sanju Samson never got a chance in the playing XI. Meanwhile, Pant’s results remained modest. He scored 6 from 13 balls in the second over and then was out with 11 from 5 balls in the final over as the group opener was washed out. Pant’s future hinges on his performance as he is considered the ‘key’ wicket-keeper going forward. Unlike 2022, where he has taken a break from 50+ cricket, he will have to participate in all ODIs starting tomorrow against New Zealand. We’ll have to see how the team’s management fit Samson and Pant together in the eleven.

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