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Fan Personal VAR for FIFA World Cup 2022 is going viral

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Last updated: November 28, 2022, at 12:45 IST

Fan Personal VAR for FIFA World Cup 2022 is going viral (screenshot image)

Fan Personal VAR for FIFA World Cup 2022 is going viral (screenshot image)

A football fan recently created his own VAR technology for a 2022 FIFA World Cup match. A spectator was seen attempting to film a World Cup encounter holding a pair of binoculars in front of his phone’s camera to get an enlarged picture of the match.

The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has already generated a lot of controversy after several questionable decisions in FIFA Globalism Cup 2022. The absurdity of some VAR decisions has reached the point where football fans and followers have now lost faith in them.

A football fan recently decided to take matters into his own hands as he created his own VAR for a FIFA World Cup 2022 match. A spectator was seen trying to film a World Cup encounter holding a pair of binoculars to his phone camera to get a zoomed in image of the match.

VAR became a huge talking point in the first match of the FIFA World Cup after Ecuador striker Ener Valencia’s goal against hosts Qatar was controversially ruled out. The decision ultimately created little problem as the South American side comfortably won the match 2-0.

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Nor was Argentina striker Lionel Messi’s first goal of the tournament without controversy. And in the sixth minute of the match, a corner kick was played inside the penalty area for the Saudi national team, and goalkeeper Muhammad Al Owais snatched it easily. However, the VAR review came out surprisingly and a penalty kick was awarded in favor of Argentina. And Messi made no mistake in converting from the penalty spot. Later, Saudi Arabia scored a sensational comeback in the match to secure a 1-2 victory.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first goal in the 2022 World Cup was the subject of controversy after Portugal were awarded a questionable penalty against Ghana. Ronaldo tackled Ghana defender Mohamed Salisu in the 62nd minute. The challenge seemed very fair, but the video assistant referee Armando Villarreal ruled in favor of Portugal. Ronaldo converted the penalty kick to give his team the lead. The match between Portugal and Ghana later turned into an exciting encounter. The UEFA EURO 2016 champions won the competition with a score of 3-2.

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Coming back to the events on the field, the 2022 FIFA World Cup has already seen major turmoil. Japan kicked off their campaign with an unexpected 2-1 victory over four-time defending champions Germany. On the other hand, Morocco pulled off a big upset after defeating European giants Belgium.

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