Fans attack goalkeeper with corner flag in Goztepe vs Altay Football match in Turkey



In a strange and unfortunate turn of events, a soccer match in Turkey between Goztepe and Altay devolved into chaos as a fan attacked Altay Ozan goalkeeper Evrim Ozenc with a corner flag.

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The incident occurred when the match was stopped briefly as a fan was treated after being hit by a flare thrown from another stand.

The goalkeeper stood outside the penalty area watching the action in the stands before the fan was taken to hospital, and was attacked from behind by a fan who attacked the opposite goalkeeper with a corner flag.

The fan made two strong swings at the player from behind before security stopped him and he was caught and pinned.

Osing was also taken to the hospital after the incident and was reported to have a 4-inch gash to his head, bleeding.

“We are deeply saddened by the fact that some football fans were injured due to a torch thrown at the match, which was postponed due to the events. While we wish the injured football fans a speedy recovery, we also hope that Altay Ozan goalkeeper Efrem Ozenc, who was subjected to attacker violence, will soon recover.”

As a result of such events, the match was stopped before half an hour had passed.

“We condemn the events that took place in the first TFF League match between Göztepe and Altay in Izmir and the vile attack on Altay Ozan goalkeeper Evrim Ozenc.

“We wish a speedy recovery to our fans, who were seriously injured by a flare that I fired from the Altay podium,” Goztepe’s statement on Twitter read.

The Turkish Football Federation condemned the incident and demanded severe penalties for the attacker.

“Whoever caused these events, we want him to be tried with severe punishment.”

“While it is expected that the struggle of two prominent clubs in the Izmir competition on the football field will turn into a feast, this kind of behavior of the aggressors, who did not have their share of the spirit of fair play and the unified culture of sports, endangering human life is absolutely unacceptable.”

“Necessary procedures and investigations have been initiated regarding the Göztepe – Altay meeting. As the Turkish Football Federation, we will also follow the judicial procedures regarding the incident. We respectfully present it to inform the public,”

Turkish Football Federation President Mehmet Buyukeke contacted the two club presidents after the incident to convey his wishes to the communities of Göztepe and Altay.

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