Fans criticize Cristiano Ronaldo for criticizing Manchester United and the manager in an interview

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s sensational return home to Manchester United has been a disaster for both parties. With relations between Ronaldo and the club souring, the star’s explosive recent interview with Piers Morgan has made matters even worse. Fans were outraged by Ronaldo’s interview and criticized him for criticizing his club and manager Eric Ten Hag.

In the interview, Ronaldo made heartbreaking statements in which he claimed that US officials “betrayed” him. He also added that he had no respect left for his manager, Ten Hag. While the full 90-minute interview is due out next week, parts of it have already made their way to the media.

Ronaldo’s anger angered United fans and the Portuguese star was criticized by fans on social media. Here is some fans’ reaction to Ronaldo’s interview:

One fan highlighted that Ronaldo was being paid a huge amount, but he was unable to find the United network. He added that Ronaldo’s feeling of betrayal by Manchester United was very shocking.

Another fan described Ronaldo as “selfish” and said he did not do anything significant at Old Trafford. The fan also confirmed that no other club would want him when he opted to leave in the summer.

One user researched Ronaldo’s interview and said it lasted 90 minutes which is the only 90 minutes he’s got this season.

Renowned sports journalist Ben Heyward also responded to Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview, calling it an “embarrassment”. In his tweet, he said he does not treat his deterioration with any grace or dignity. Heyward also said that blaming others for one’s downfall shows a significant lack of self-awareness.

Ronaldo had a lot to say about his second spell at Manchester United in the interview. The five-time ball winner said he felt “betrayed” by the club for their desperation to get him out of Old Trafford in the summer. This contrasts with reports during the transfer window that it was Ronaldo who wanted to break up with United and urged them to let him go if the right deal was found.

Meanwhile, Tin Hag has always been supportive of his number seven and has also stated that he has been an “important part” of his squad for the current season. The United manager tried to integrate the Portuguese international into his team. The Dutch tactic took a step forward by giving the captain’s armband to Ronaldo in their match against Aston Villa, which ended in a 3-1 defeat of the Red Devils.

However, Ronaldo has spent most of his time on the bench this season, coming mostly as a substitute. It is worth noting that United performed well without their star in the English Premier League. The Red Devils scored only four goals in four league matches that Ronaldo started, while he scored 16 times in 10 matches without him in the starting lineup.

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