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The same media, which earlier criticized Qatar in this regard, is now praising Qatar. When your critics become your fans, that is your greatest achievement

Saudi Arabian players and Argentina's Messi struggle for the ball / Getty Images
Saudi Arabian players and Argentina’s Messi struggle for the ball / Getty Images

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Football can be a manifestation of political and social change in the world, it was not even we thought. But just last week in Qatar, our ears perked up when the Iranian team refused to sing their country’s national anthem. It wasn’t even 24 hours after this news that someone called and said that the Saudi Arabian team beat the Argentine team 1-2, so we left the chair and stood up. Saudi Arabia can beat Messi’s team, the team of Messi who is called the God of football, no one can even imagine. But now it has become a reality. Be it the protest of the Iranian team or the victory of Saudi Arabia in the World Cup of football, both these things are the prelude to a storm. They should not be taken for granted. This is a manifestation of the fact that Islamic countries, which are considered very backward in the world, the young generation of these countries is not only full of enthusiasm, but now they want to walk shoulder to shoulder with the world. Is. And he is willing to do anything for her. If he has to sacrifice for it, he can sacrifice. Or he is willing to work hard to achieve something. But he now wants to live exalted in the world.

Yes, that’s the message from the first few days of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. First of all, it is amazing that Qatar is successfully hosting such a big football event in the desert. When it was announced that Qatar will host the next football world cup, the whole world made fun of Qatar. Look who used to laugh at Qatar. Good luck to Qatar and the Football World Cup! This was the joke in every language. There were various accusations against Qatar. He gave money and announced to hold the World Cup here. Then how can there be football in Regar! Qatar has no experience of doing such a big show. So many words, but Qatar did not answer anything. From the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, every Qatari and government has been quietly engaged in organizing the World Cup. Today, the result of this determination is that the tongues of those who mock Qatar have become dumb. There is silence everywhere, but the same media, which earlier criticized Qatar in this regard, is now praising Qatar. When your critics become your fans, that is your greatest achievement. And Qatar today showed the world that ‘yes we can do it too.’ Qatar is to be congratulated for this. In this regard, Qatar is under-appreciated. Today, Qatar can say ‘yes we can’ (yes, we can) to Europe and other major developing countries in the world like Obama. But the most important thing is that a small Islamic country like Qatar has set an example in front of all Islamic countries that if you put your mind to it, you too can do all the great things that will happen in the 21st century in the world. Other major countries are doing it. And for that, ‘Thank you Qatar’.

Not only this, in this World Cup football, the Iranian team presented their protest against their government to the whole world. The entire team stood silently when the Iranian national anthem was playing in the stadium. It was an expression of solidarity with the anti-hijab movement and struggle of women in Iran. Everyone is aware that a large section of women in Iran is against the compulsory wearing of the niqab by the force of the government. Iranian women are dying on the streets for this right and freedom. But the Islamic government of Iran is not missing out. Against this stubbornness of the Iranian government, the entire Iranian team at the Qatar Football World Cup expressed their solidarity with the anti-hijab Iranian women’s movement in a packed stadium. It takes courage for this courage, because according to the captain of the Iranian football team, it is not known how many members of the team should be put in jail after returning home. But despite such a big threat, the Iranian team’s fans protested. This is also not uncommon. This is an argument for two things. First of all, women’s freedom cannot be stopped for a long time in Iran and probably in other Islamic countries as well. Even in Islamic countries, the coercion of men and governments against women is not going to last for long. The second is that the young generation of both men and women are now with each other in every struggle for social freedom, no matter how great the sacrifice may be.

And sir, the Saudi Arabian team is underrated. No one in the world and perhaps not even the Saudi football team could have imagined that they could beat the football team of a country like Argentina. But the Saudi team proved that nothing is impossible in the world by turning it into reality. With dedication and passion, you can even beat the team of a football god like Messi. And the Saudi team did just that. The fact is that from the moment the whistle blew to the final whistle after half time, every player in the Saudi team exuded passion, dedication and intelligence. There is a chance that someone will be choked somewhere. The result was that when the game ended, the eleven Saudi players were in prostration on the field and the ashamed Messi was walking out of the field with his neck bowed.

This victory of the Saudi team is a forerunner of change in the Saudi society. This is proof that the Saudi youth is ready to break the stereotypical tradition and walk shoulder to shoulder with the world of the 21st century. And not only that, he is willing to work hard for it. It would not be wrong to say here that the credit of this change goes to the head of Saudi Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman because he has opened the doors of Saudi society to the winds of the 21st century. After all, the latest football World Cup has proved that the youth of the Arab countries, who have been neglected until now, have woken up and are now ready to breathe in the modern atmosphere of the 21st century. No system can stop this passion for long. The Arab youth is now taking the reins and there is a great revolution that cannot be stopped for a long time before it becomes a reality.

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