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Former hockey captain Sardar Singh believes that “extra effort and focus” is the key to success in the World Cup


former India Hockey captain Sardar Singh is confident in the men’s team’s good performance Globalism Cup in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela next year with the “good structure” it has put in over the past few years.

With less than 50 days to go until the great event, the anticipation of watching the top 16 teams in the world grows with each passing day, and Sardar feels that while the current pool of players is a “talented bunch”, they will have to be really hungry in order to move forward.

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“The current Indian men’s team has been doing really well in recent years, they are very talented and well built too. They should never be complacent,” said Sardar, 2014 Asian Games gold medalist, 2014 Champions Trophy silver medalist, and former team captain. And always hungry for more.

Sardar, considered one of the biggest driving forces in the Indian men’s hockey team during his playing days, said past achievements will not matter when the big event kicks off on January 13.

“Once players get on the field in a World Cup, what they did previously doesn’t matter, they have to work hard from the first whistle to the end, consistently in each game. The extra effort and focus will be key to their performance, as well as executing the plans correctly. If they can If you do that, results will follow automatically,” said Sardar, who was part of the 2010 and 2014 World Cup campaigns.

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Looking back, Singh said, “For almost every player, playing in a World Cup is a thrill and I was very lucky because my first World Cup was in India. It was a great feeling to play hockey well in front of our fans. We played Pakistan in our match.” The first one, and I remember the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium was completely packed. As soon as we lined up, the crowd went wild, and immediately lifted us up, which gave us a boost of confidence.”

“That feeling of support and encouragement from home fans when you play well in front of them is unparalleled,” Sardar, who captained the team at the 2014 World Cup in The Hague, Netherlands, added. The team at the time was a very tight-knit unit, winning medals at the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games.

Speaking about developing a winning habit, Singh said, “A team has to train hard and for long periods of time. Look at all the great teams around the world; they’ve been playing together for a while. To win a medal, you have to pay attention to details, and a team has to work together and help each other.” some all the time.

“When all of those factors come into play, and the team does a good job, goes ahead to win a medal, and then hears the national anthem while standing on the podium – that feeling is priceless.”

Asked about leading the team to a major tournament, Sardar said, “I’ve never thought of it like that before. Yes, as a senior player, there are certain things I have to do and take care of the team as well, especially the younger players. But for me, all the players in the team are.” They are considered leaders. The thought has always been that everyone communicates clearly through the ranks.”

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