Former Indian cricketer slams India for choosing Shreyas Iyer over Sanju Samson



India won the three-match T20I series against New Zealand 1-0 after the third match ended in a draw thanks to a rain interruption. in pursuit of 161, India She was 75/4 in 9 points top – DLS at that point – when the rain arrived and allowed no further play which resulted in a tie.

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The series has started the transitional phase in India after the T20 Globalism Australian Cup. Several players on the sidelines and youngsters were part of the T20I squad, captained by Hardik Pandya.

Among these was wicket-taker Sanju Samson who surprisingly didn’t get a single wicket during the series. The tourists were expected to give chances to Samson, Imran Malik and Shubman Gill in the third T20I as India already took a 1-0 lead but the only change was Harshal Patel being replaced by Washington Sundar.

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Shreyas Iyer played in both matches (the first T20I was given up without a toss) but managed only 13 and a duck off the first ball during the series. His twin failures drew heavy criticism from former Indian cricketer Doda Ganesh who criticized the team’s management approach towards T20 cricket.

“By choosing Iyer ahead of Samson, the Indian think tank reiterated that they will never learn from their mistakes and will never change their approach towards T20,” Ganesh tweeted on Tuesday.

During a media interaction after the match, Captain Pandya explained why Samson and others did not get a chance.

“If they were sitting… Sanju Samson, for example: we wanted to play him, but for whatever reason, we couldn’t,” Pandya said. “But I can put my shoes on and understand how they feel. Cricketer, it’s tough, whatever one may say. You’re in the Indian team, but you don’t get a chance in the XI, so that’s tough. At the end of the day, I can say what I want to, but those are just words. It will still be difficult for them to deal with. But if I can create a healthy environment, where the players can come and talk to me if they are feeling bad, or go and talk to the coach, if I stay the captain, I think it won’t be a problem. Because My nature is such that I make sure everyone is together.”

Pandya said that outside voices do not matter to him and that there is plenty of time for each player to make their claim.

“What people say on the outside, it doesn’t matter much at this level. This is my team first. The coach and I will pick the team we feel is right,” Pandya said.

He added, “There’s plenty of time, everybody’s going to get a chance, and when someone gets a chance, they’re going to get a long run. If it’s a longer series, if there are more matches, chances are obviously given. But when it’s a short series, I’m I don’t believe in dismemberment and change and in the future either, I wouldn’t believe it.”

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