France’s Twitter chief tenders his resignation amid mass layoffs, tweeting an exit letter



Twitter’s head of French operations, Damien Veil, said he has resigned from the social media platform, whose new owner Elon Musk recently fired top executives and imposed sharp job cuts at the company.

“It’s over,” Fyle wrote on Twitter on Sunday, thanking his team in France for which he has led for the past seven years.

And Phil confirmed that he was leaving Twitter In a separate message to Reuters.

He did not elaborate on the circumstances of his departure and refused to say how many people worked on Twitter in France either before or after. muskIts acquisition of the company last month.

Labor laws in France prohibit companies from firing permanent employees overnight. France-based companies are required to formally inform employees that they aim to dismiss their plans ahead of time, usually via a letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

They also must respect certain notice periods, depending on the nature of the dismissal and the seniority of the employees.

For firing multiple employees within 30 days, companies must also follow certain procedures, which entail reporting to employees, employee representatives and the Ministry of Labor.

This means that the whole process takes at least several weeks and even several months.

A Twitter spokesperson in France did not respond to messages seeking comment since Musk seized power in October.

Twitter has gone through bumps since Musk, the richest person in the world, took over.

It has cut its staff by half, while Musk has raised the prospect of bankruptcy for the social media platform.

Employees were asked to consider whether they wanted to remain “working long hours at high intensity” or receive severance pay at three months’ wages.

That was recently mentioned Twitter CEO Elon Musk has asked managers to approve remote work for their team members at their job responsibility. Last week, Musk said in an email to his employees, “With regards to remote work, all that is required to be approved is for your manager to take responsibility for ensuring that you make an excellent contribution. You are also expected to hold in-person meetings with your colleagues at a reasonable pace, from Ideally weekly, but no less than once a month.

He added, “At the risk of stating the obvious, any manager who falsely claims that someone is doing an excellent job or that a particular role is essential, remote or not, will be removed from the company.” Report by The Verge.

On November 10, Musk Wrote In an email to employees, “Managers will send exception lists to me for review and approval.

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