Glenn Maxwell reveals the harrowing details of how he broke his leg



Australian batsman Glenn Maxwell has revealed how a freak accident when he was attending his 50th birthday party broke his leg, sending him to the sidelines for a long time and potentially jeopardizing his chances. India Tour next year as well.

Maxwell recalled the harrowing details of how a friend fell on his leg and required surgery on the fractured fibula. The accident happened in the backyard of a friend’s house

“One of my classmates, who was also one of my teachers at school, was laughing at something and I pretended to chase him somewhere,” Maxwell said. cricket Australia Unplayable podcast.

“I think we took about three or four paces there, and they both fell back at the same time. I got my foot in a little bit, and he unfortunately fell at a very bad angle and landed right on my leg. It just snapped. I heard and felt every bit of it. It hurt so much. I was screaming a little bit and it was Like, please tell me you’re kidding, please tell me you’re kidding,” he added.

Maxwell had to wait about an hour in agony as he lay on the ground with friends to shelter him from the rain before he was taken to the hospital.

Maxwell said: ‘I probably didn’t sleep for two days while I was in pain. It was two absolutely horrible days. My wife has been incredible through it all.

“It shattered the fibula. So I think that was the first shot I heard. It was cut in half, but it also shattered into the bone. There was a little piece of the shin bone as well.” [and] I had all the ligaments on top of my foot torn too… syndactyly ligaments, they were all torn. You did a pretty good job for something harmless.

“That’s the frustrating thing about it all – I’ve done some stupid things on the field, some stupid things off the field, and I’ve never come close to hurting myself.

“To do something so innocent, it’s frustrating. It was just an accident of nothing. The number of times I’ve jumped into a pool and gone, ‘Maybe it’s shallower than I thought’, and I haven’t even had a scratch, not even a bruise or Anything, not even a rolled ankle.

“It was a little slippery, and all of a sudden it’s been two months.”

“There is a time limit to announce that team in India and, to be fair, there is a big chance I won’t,” said the 34-year-old.

Before breaking his leg, Maxwell had fully hoped to make a claim to call the test, but the accident left him in the lurch although he did not give up hope.

“Obviously they are going to have to see me play cricket and they are obviously going to have to take a big risk if they take me,” said Maxwell.

He continued, “But I think that’s probably why I don’t want to set any dates or timelines for when I can go back. I’d very much like to be okay with it, but I’m a slave to how my body recovers and how quickly I can get the strength back in it and then Back to playing cricket again.”

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