Global response to surge in Covid cases in China



Several countries have expressed concern over China’s lack of information about the new wave of Covid and its variants. China, however, rejected this criticism regarding the number of Covid cases.

Global response to surge in Covid cases in China
Global response to surge in Covid cases in China


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After Beijing relaxed its ‘zero-tolerance’ policy regarding the control of Covid-19, the number of cases of Covid-19 in China is increasing rapidly again, after which various countries of the world have followed China. Many restrictions have been imposed on passengers coming from

Let’s see which countries have implemented new regulations for travelers from China:

The United States has said that passengers coming from China will have to be tested for Covid-19 from January 5. All passengers aged two years or older traveling by air from China, Hong Kong or Macau will need a negative Covid test result two days prior to departure. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also said that Americans should reconsider their proposed travel to China, Hong Kong and Macau.

The Indian Health Minister has said that India has made a negative Covid-19 test report mandatory for passengers coming from China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand. If the passengers coming from these countries are found to have symptoms of Covid-19 or their test is positive, they will be kept in quarantine.

A negative Covid test report will be required in Japan for travelers arriving from China. Those who test positive will have to stay in quarantine for seven days. These new regulations will come into effect from midnight on December 30. The government has also decided to limit requests for increased flights to China.

The Hong Kong government has asked Japan to withdraw a ban that would have allowed travelers from Hong Kong to Japan to disembark at only four designated airports. Hong Kong says about 60,000 passengers will be affected by Japan’s decision.

Italy has ordered a Covid-19 antigen swab and virus sequencing for all travelers arriving from China. Malpensa, Milan’s main airport, has already started screening passengers arriving from Beijing and Shanghai. “This measure is necessary to monitor and detect potential strains of the virus to protect the Italian population,” said Health Minister Ovazio Shalasi in announcing mandatory testing for travelers.

Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center has said that all passengers arriving on the two islands by boat, other than direct flights from China, will be required to undergo a PCR test upon arrival. Those who will test positive will have to stay at home, confined to their homes. This regulation will come into effect from January 1.

According to British media reports, the UK will consider imposing Covid-19 restrictions on arrivals from China, including coronavirus testing. Officials from the Department for Transport, the Home Office and the Ministry of Health and Social Care will decide on Thursday whether the UK should follow the US and Italy in imposing Covid restrictions on travelers from China, the report said.

Australia has said it is not changing its rules on allowing travelers from China to enter. Prime Minister Anthony Albany said, “There is no change in travel regulations at this time, but we are monitoring the situation regarding the impact of Covid.” Australia is watching in China and around the world.”

Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista said the Southeast Asian country of the Philippines is “very cautious” and may impose measures such as screening requirements, if not a total ban, on travelers from China.

Authorities have been directed to ensure that people arriving from other countries pass through thermal scanners at airports across Pakistan amid fears of an outbreak of new variants of the Covid-19 in Pakistan.

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