Gree AC error Code list

Gree AC error Code

In this post you can see Gree AC error Code list | for inverter AC. if you want learn about RAC and HVAC free Online then open fully4world. you can learn and fix problem of refrigerator and air conditioner.

Gree Inverter error codes

E1High-Pressure Protection
E2Prevention against low temperature
E3Low-pressure protection
E4Exhaust overtemperatures
E5Overcurrent Protector
E6Communication error
E9Water-Full protection
FIndoor ambient Temperature sensor error
F1Indoor tube-inlet sensor error
F2Indoor tube-middle sensor error
F3Indoor tube-exit sensor error
F4Outdoor ambient temperature sensor error
F5Outdoor tube-inlet sensor error
F6Outdoor tube-middle sensor error
F7Outdoor tube-exit sensor error
F8Error with exhaust temperature sensor 1 (Fixed-frequency)
F9Error with exhaust temperature sensor 2 (Digital )
FAError with oil tempertue sensor 1 (Fixed — frequency
FbError with oil Temperaute sensor 2 ( Digital)
FcHigh — Pressure valve error
FdLow — Pressure valve error
FHThermal relay error
F1Indoor temperature sensor faulty
H6Blower motor error
F3Outer Temp sensor faulty
E5Over current protection
P6Communication between IPM or outer PCB
F2Indoor coil sensor faulty
PH/PLAC volt High or Low
LECompressor error
F5Over heat protection for exhaust Temp
L3Outer fan motor faulty
Frost removing temp sensor failure
Section temp sensor failure
Outer Ambient temp sensor failure
E4Exhaust temp sensor failure
Devite from normal for the compressor
Loop of the station detect error
Overcurrent of the compressor
LDOver current protect for singal compressor
Middle part of condenser temp sensor fail
E1Gas pressure low or high
U74 way valve abnormal
EEOuter EEPROM error
EEIndoor EEPROM error
E6Communication between indoor & outdoor
E2Anti freezing protect
PUCapacitor charge malfunction
FA/FH/EUFrequency mismatch
F4Outer Tube sensor

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