Group A qualifying scenario – Holland, Ecuador, Senegal is doomed to failure



fifa Globalism The Qatar Cup 2022 finals are approaching the end of the group stages, and mouthwatering competitions await in the final round of the opening stages of the biggest tournament in world football.

The first group, which includes the host country Qatar, the Netherlands, Senegal and Ecuador, has established an intense competition for the first and second places, as the day of the finals will witness some difficult matches that will determine the fate of the survival of the teams in the Middle Eastern country. .

Qatar (2 played, 2 losses: 0 points)

Next match- Qatar vs Netherlands

Qatar, who secured a spot in the season thanks to their play as hosts, were the first team to be eliminated from their respective tournament losing in their opening two matches. They surrendered their opener against Ecuador, losing 2-0 on the day. And they failed to improve the result when they faced Senegal, who lost the hosts 3-1.

Their final match of the tournament was against a Dutch team looking to seal the deal by defeating the Maroons. Qatar, on the other hand, are playing for pride as they seek to end their World Cup debut with a win.

Netherlands (2 games, 1 win, 1 draw: 4 points)

Next match- Qatar vs Netherlands

The new Dutch national team wowed football fans with their performances in their first two matches, beating African champions Senegal in their opening group match 2-0 and going on to play out a draw against Ecuador, with both teams scoring a goal each. The spoils ended up being shared.

The qualification of the Netherlands to the next stage of this edition of the tournament is in their hands because they have a simple formula for progression. Beat Qatar and move on, because a win will bring them up to 7 points.

Even a draw would ensure Orange progressed to the round of 16. But if the Europeans fall against all odds to the host nation, they may still advance depending on the outcome of the match between Ecuador and Senegal.

If the South Americans lost to the Africans, it would ensure the Dutch advanced.

If the match between Ecuador and Senegal ends in a draw, goal difference comes into play.

Ecuador (2 games, 1 win, 1 draw: 4 points)

Next match- Ecuador vs Senegal

Ecuador opened their campaign with a 2-0 win over Qatar and followed it up with a 1-1 draw against the Netherlands.

South Americans can earn qualification directly if they beat Senegal, as a win would result in 7 points.

Even a draw would be enough for Inner Valencia to qualify for the knockouts with 5 points.

If they suffer a loss at the hands of the Teranga Lions, they will have to go home, unless Qatar pull off a huge upset and beat the Netherlands, and again goal difference will be crucial.

Senegal (2 games, 1 win, 1 loss: 3 points)

Next match- Ecuador vs Senegal

It is almost as straightforward as for the African champions that a win would see them through with 6 points.

While the defeat will condemn them to an early exit, regardless of the outcome of the other match between the Netherlands and Qatar.

If they draw with Ecuador, goal difference will determine which teams remain in the Middle East and who goes home.

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