Haier Floor standing AC error code

Haier Floor standing AC error code

Haier Floor standing AC error code

Error code and description
Code indicationfault description
Panel code
(LED1 flash times)
Indoor and OutdoorE715Communication fault between indoor and outdoor units
Indoor MalfunctionE1Room temperature sensor failure
E2Heat-exchange sensor failure
E4Indoor EEPROM error
E14Indoor fan motor malfuntion
Outdoor MalfunctonF121Outdoor EEPROM error
F12The protection of IPM
F223Overcurrent protection of AC electricity for the outdoor model
F34Communication fault between the IPM and outdoor PCB
F196Power voltage is too high or low
F48Overheat protection for Discharge temperature
F89Outdoor DC fan motor fault
F2110Defrost temperature sensor failure
F711Suction temperature sensor failure
F612Ambient temperature sensor failure
F2513Discharge temperature sensor failure
F1118Deviate from the normal for the compressor
F2819Loop of t he station detect error
F224Overcurrent of the compressor
F2325Overcurrent protection for single-phase of the compressor
E921High work-intense protection

Error codes in pdf file you can download

What is floor standing AC ?

A floor-standing AC (air conditioner) refers to a type of air conditioning unit that is designed to be placed on the floor and operate independently. It is also known as a floor-standing air conditioner or a floor-mounted air conditioner.

Floor-standing AC units are typically larger and more powerful than window or portable air conditioners. They are commonly used in commercial spaces, large rooms, or areas where central air conditioning may not be available or sufficient.

These units consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is placed on the floor inside the room, while the outdoor unit is installed outside the building. The indoor unit draws in warm air from the room, cools it down using a refrigeration cycle, and then releases the cool air back into the room. The heat extracted from the indoor air is transferred to the outdoor unit and expelled outside.

Floor-standing AC units often have higher cooling capacities, allowing them to cool larger areas effectively. They usually feature adjustable louvers to control the direction of airflow and may have additional features such as remote controls, timers, and multiple fan speeds for enhanced convenience and comfort.

Overall, floor-standing AC units are a popular choice for cooling large spaces or areas where other types of air conditioners may not be suitable or practical.

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