Haier Inverter outdoor PCB red light blinking codes

Haier Inverter outdoor PCB flash light error

Haier Inverter outdoor PCB red light blinking codes

LED 1 Flash TimeDescription
1Outdoor EEPROM Error
2The Protection of IPM
3Over current protection of AC electricity
4Communication fault between the IPM and outdoor PCB
5Over pressure or Overheat protection for the compressor
6Power voltage is too high or low
8Overheat protection for exhaust temperature
10Defrost temperature sensor failure
12Ambient temperature sensor failure
13Exhaust temperature sensor failure
18Deviate from the normal for the compressor
19Loop of t he station detect error
24Overcurrent of the compressor
25Overcurrent protection for single-phase of the compressor
21High work-intense protection

what is AC outdoor PCB error?

An AC outdoor PCB error refers to a fault or malfunction occurring in the outdoor printed circuit board (PCB) of an air conditioning system. The outdoor PCB is a crucial component that controls various functions of the AC unit, including compressor operation, fan speed, and temperature regulation.

When an outdoor PCB error occurs, it typically indicates a problem with the circuitry, sensors, or communication between the indoor and outdoor units. This error can be displayed on the AC unit’s control panel or communicated through error codes or flashing lights.

Some common causes of outdoor PCB errors in air conditioners include:

  1. Electrical or wiring issues: Faulty wiring connections, loose cables, or damaged electrical components can disrupt the PCB’s functioning and trigger an error.
  2. Sensor problems: Faulty or malfunctioning sensors that measure temperature, pressure, or humidity can cause the PCB to register incorrect readings and display an error.
  3. Power supply problems: Fluctuations in the power supply, voltage spikes, or inadequate power can affect the operation of the outdoor PCB and result in an error.
  4. Environmental factors: Exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, or other environmental elements can lead to corrosion or damage to the PCB components, causing errors.

When encountering an AC outdoor PCB error, it is recommended to contact a qualified HVAC technician or air conditioning service provider. They can diagnose the specific cause of the error and perform the necessary repairs or replacements to restore proper functionality to the air conditioning system.

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