Hardik Pandya’s focus on food and nutrition hastened Maverick’s return to the big stage



Sports and nutrition sciences have come a long way in recent times as the competitive nature of sports has reached its zenith in the modern era.

At a time when victory and loss are separated by the smallest of margins, it has become necessary to take calculated steps at every intersection on the road, both on and off the field, in order to expand athletic heights and stay on top. one’s game.

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Suryakumar Yadav, who has been the rock of India in the ongoing T20I World Cup soccer tournament, is very picky especially with regards to his diet and food intake. While the same can also be said of the multi-skilled maverick Hardik Pandya not far behind.

Perhaps one of the first Indian cricketers, to be accompanied by personal chef Arif, who is on tour with the Indian cricketer.

Arif travels to the cities where India is scheduled to play their games, checks into an apartment, cooks Pandya meals according to the player’s dietary needs and brings them to the hotels where the team is placed during the tour.

“I have to make sure all of these requirements are met, especially during the major tournaments,” Arif says.

“Longer tournaments require constant endurance until the final or the end of matches, and only good food guarantees that,” he stressed.

“Hardik trains hard to keep his strength and muscles intact during matches. So it is important to make sure that he does not lose his stamina, and his energy does not drop,” the chef explained.

“I take care of his entire diet from breakfast to dinner, making sure he’s getting the right proportion of everything from nutrients to body fluids,” Arif explained.

Pandya’s attention to detail was one of the mainstays of his return to the level and a call-up to the national team after a lengthy injury absence.

Pandya made a strong comeback after spending a long time on the sidelines through injury as he led the IPL’s Gujarat Titans to the IPL Cup in their first season in the competition, thus earning a fine call-up to wear the blue jersey on the international stage as he made his way to Australia.

India are all set to play the semi-finals of the International T20 Cricket World Cup against a rising England team in Australia on Thursday as Rahul Dravid and his partners look to book their place in the final with Pakistan already until the title match.

Quotes from PTI.

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