He picked up the wicket today but it didn’t look like he got India legend on Ravichandran Ashwin



There was a time when Ravichandran Ashwin was neglected in favor of modern day spinners like Yuzvendra Chahal and Ravindra Jadeja in the Indian T20 side. But times have changed and how. Funky cricketer having fun in T20 Globalism Cup after playing all 12 Super matches of India Even as Chahal continued to warm the bench. It clearly shows how Tamil Nadu cricketer got the support of India captain Rohit Sharma who is said to have lobbied for the player’s inclusion in the team.

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Although Ashwin has picked up six wickets so far, former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev was not satisfied with his performance, adding that the hitters threw their wicket away against the spinner.

“So far, Ashwin hasn’t given me confidence. He picked up a wicket today but it doesn’t look like he’s got it. In fact, the batsmen are casting a hoop out huye ki unhe khud bhi 1-2 wickets lete huye sharam aa rahi thi (some batsmen) They came out in a way that Ashwin himself couldn’t believe.) He was hiding his face. Capel said on ABP News that picking up a share obviously gives you that confidence, but Ashwin that we know, we haven’t seen him show the same rhythm.”

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Chahal, who has missed the entire tournament so far, was not given a chance in the last Super 12 match against Zimbabwe. There were reports that Chahal would replace Patel, but the captain did not think so.

Meanwhile, when asked which of the two – Ashwin or Chahal, who will play England in the semi-finals – Dave gave a calculated answer.

“It depends on the team management. If they have confidence in Ashwin, that’s fine. He played the whole tournament so he can adapt if necessary. But if you want to surprise the opponent, they can always turn to the spinner (Shahal). Whoever wins with confidence. The management and the leader will play,” Capel added.

Ashwin was left out of India’s white ball team after the 2017 Champions Cup alongside Ravindra Jadeja. While the latter is back on the side, Ashwin was suddenly selected for the 2021 T20 World Cup in the UAE. It was marginalized again as India faced the West Indies and New Zealand during a busy summer home.

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