He’ll play according to situations if Adelaide Pitch slows down, says Rahul Dravid at Semis Clash with England



with India Now she’s preparing a semi-final showdown with England at the Adelaide Oval in the men’s T20 Globalism In a Cup, one can feel optimistic about the team’s chances as they will play in the stadium where they survived the Leighton Das scare to beat Bangladesh by five games in a rain-soaked match.

But Sunday’s games showed that the pitch, which hosted the double ball, was a little slower and the limits were a little smaller as well. Asked what India would do in a situation like this coming in the semi-final against England, coach Rahul Dravid said his team would be quick to adapt to the situation if the pitch was already slow.

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“It was, again, a different kind of wicket, and it was played in Adelaide too. I can’t sit here right now right after the game and predict what will happen there. We’ll have two days. We’ll go take a look at that wicket and see what we think he might do. Of course. If it’s slow, we’ll play according to those situations. If we think it might play differently, we’ll have to put together a team to match that.”

“Again we have to go out there and see. I watched some matches today and I know the tracks were slow and grabbed and turned a little bit. Maybe we play on a brand new bar in Adelaide, the sector we played against Bangladesh,” Dravid said at the post-match press conference. Honestly, it didn’t spin.”

Dravid further stressed that hitters’ average hitters will vary depending on how they adapt to the conditions, calling them only certainty in the uncertain tournament. “The hit rate is different in each case, ground and condition. If you were playing a match where 200 turns are made, or like on this wicket, where according to us, some movement was happening. But we felt 170-180 was ideal, according to the information that We got it from the boys inside.”

“In a match like this, your hit rate should be different. We played in games where there were 150 wins and in Adelaide it was hard to chase 160 in those conditions. In this scenario, you have to play the terms.”

“Honestly, you can’t say that’s the hitting rate I want to play at, because that’s the only certainty the World Cup has shown us. The conditions were so unique in different cities that you had to adapt to it. It wasn’t easy for the batsman. Opening, powerplay, and strike rates.”

“Other than I think in Sydney it’s been very low for all countries. Again, you have to adapt. Maybe when you go to Sydney you might have to play differently. Adelaide might be different, it might not be different. I think it’s all about adaptability. For me in this form.”

Almost a year ago, India was out of the race to reach the semi-finals in the UAE. But since Dravid took over as head coach immediately after the India campaign ended, India has been teetering upwards which has now led to them entering the semi-finals as the best team in Group B. He admitted that entering the round of four was fun in a tournament that saw its results determined by a very good margin.

“It’s a tough tournament and tournament. When you have six teams and only one or two results don’t go your way, as we’ve seen with some of the other teams, I think with us too, I think one or two results could have gone the other way. We could have won some matches, too.

“This is a very tough formula to be able to get into the top four. It’s nice, and we’re happy with that, but obviously, we know we hope to have two more good days in us as we move forward.”

With the uncertainty this format brings and the various challenges posed by the sides in the second set, Dravid has scrapped the idea of ​​instructing players to do anything extra to beat Zimbabwe in order to take first place.

“At this level, most of these guys are incredibly motivated. I don’t need to tell them to do anything extra. We stick to our processes. We stick to our preparation. We haven’t done anything (different) for this match.”

“Regardless of whether we played South Africa in this tournament, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh or the Netherlands, our processes and the way we did in our training sessions were exactly the same. We didn’t change anything at all apart from the opponent, and I don’t expect That changes going into the semi-finals as well.”

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