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You can avoid crowded national highways across the country, by using FASTag. The facility implemented by the government is a non-cash model through which the full amount of the fee tax is collected. This means you no longer have to wait in those long lines at toll booths. Since February 16, 2021, the government has required all four-wheeled vehicles to have the mark on their vehicles. If you are still missing, you will have to pay double the amount of the fee.

There are many benefits to obtaining a FASTag. You can keep moving across the national highway with this easy payment method. Once the amount in your FASTag runs out, you can recharge it online. Not to mention the reduced use of paper and fuel due to completely cashless transactions. If you are wondering where to get FASTag, you may want to consider Paytm services.

If you want to get FASTag through Paytm, there are three ways you can do it. Here are the steps you can follow:

FASTag through the app

– Open Paytm app and select Buy DIY FASTag from the list of available services.

Enter your delivery address and click the Buy Now button.

– Upload the required documents on the portal as requested.

– Once the payment is made, your FASTag will be delivered to your address within a few days.


FASTag via banks

– Visit any bank that offers FASTag service. You will be asked to fill out a FASTag request form.

– Along with the application form, the required documents must be submitted to the relevant official.

– make payment.

– Your FASTag will be delivered to your address within a few days.

FASTag by Toll Booth

– Visit any of the POS terminals located in the toll yards.

– You will be required to take copies and original copies of all documents required to verify your FASTag application.

The issuing agency will check all your documents before accepting your application.

– After registering your vehicle for FASTag, a representative will fix the FASTag on your vehicle’s windshield.

Fastage in selected stores

(Paytm Banking Messaging Network)

There are specific stores that Paytm has linked to their users to purchase FASTag.

Open the Paytm app on your mobile device. Search for “FASTag” and press “Enter”.

– Click ‘Buy from nearby store’, under ‘My Paytm FASTag’ section.

Allow your device to access your location.

– From the list of all nearby stores, find the stores that allow Paytm FASTag purchase.

– Visit there to get your Paytm FASTag.

Remember that you can apply for your FASTag KYC documentation at the time of activation. Also note that you may be required to submit your vehicle registration certificate to the bank along with your FASTag application.

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