‘He’s so different from everyone else’ legend Pak says mixed India ‘come from a different planet’



Suryakumar Yadav came alone as he hit 61 shots from just 25 balls to help India Beat Zimbabwe in their last T20 group stage match Globalism Glass. Syria, which is unmatched by any other Virat Kohli Blow to blow in this World Cup, he smashed fifty unbeaten in India with a total of 186 to 5.

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Zimbabwe’s batting depth was never enough to get past this score and they shot for 115 in 17.2 wide with Ravichandran Ashwin (3/22) enjoying a good day in the office. India was stammering at 101/4 when SKY took it up himself and started smashing bowlers. Of the four huge sixes, most of those six were above the Fine Leg.

The ball is thrown to the fourth stem and the ball is taken with a fierce racket swing.

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Pakistani legends like Waseem Akram and Waqar Yunus couldn’t fathom the fact that SKY could manufacture shots like this.

“I think he came from a different planet. He is so different from everyone else. The amount of running he’s scored… It’s just a joy to watch and not just against Zimbabwe, against the top bowling attacks in the world,” Akram said on A Sports.

Furthermore, former Pak Paiser and Qar Yunus injected: “Bowler jaye to jaye kahan?” (Where should the shooter go?)

“What’s the best way to get him out in the T20s? I mean in ODIs and tests you can plan and get him out. But in T20, anyway, the shooter is in a back post and when someone is in that shape it’s very difficult to bend over to him. I think Pakistan did a good job. Well against him in the previous game, they bombed him with short shots. That might be the only way to go,” he said.
“His dugout can be really relaxing” when Suryakumar Kumar is in the middle making stunning shots, India captain Rohit Sharma said on Sunday.

Suryakumar reasserted his status as the world’s first batsman in T20 with another superb effort as India crushed Zimbabwe by 71 kicks to set the T20 World Cup semi-final date with England.

“The bunker can be really comfortable when he hits, and he showed a lot of composure when he hits. We expected that from him, and he went from strength to strength,” Rohit said at the post-match presentation.

Suryakumar shot 61 unbeaten from 25 balls after Kuala Lumpur made it to Rahul with 50 points.

In response to India 186 to five, Zimbabwe came out for 115 from 17.2.

“What SKY does for the team is great, just get out there, play that way, and take the pressure off the others. We know his ability, and that allows the guy on the other end to take his time,” Rohit added.

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