How to Repair AC Remote/ TV Remote, Any Remote

Repair AC Remote/ TV Remote

Repair AC Remote/ TV Remote :

Sometimes our Remote not working or some buttons work and Some does not work. we can solve this Problem Easily at home.

Step 1: 

Change his cell or Battery and check again if does not working then Open the Remote Cover by open his Screws.

Step 2:

Check his Point where Cell or Battery Attach, If his Point is Rustable then Clean his Rust and Check again 

Step 4:

Wash his PCB kit with CTC or Petrol by teeth brush and check again i hope that this will work.

In Urdu and Hindi

Kabi kabi Hamara AC ya TV  koi Bi Remote nahi Chalta ya isky kuch Button Kam karty ha hai or kuch nahi to ham isy gar py kaisy theek kary.

Step 1:

isky cell change kary or chla kr dekhain agar nahi chalta to iskay screw kholy or iska ka cover kholy 

Step 2:

isky wo Point check kry jaha cell attach hoty hai agar us ko zang laga hai to wo saaf kr k chla k dekhain.

Step 3:

iski PCB kit ko Petrol ya CTC k Saath achi Tarha wash kary Teeth Brush k sath or phir dubara chla k dekhain.

Watch Video to Repair Remote :

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